The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Photo Gifts

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Photo Gifts

It’s that time again! Christmas is fast approaching and it’s never too late to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. But this year, rather than get them something they’ll get over in a matter of months, why not buy something they’ll treasure forever? Christmas photo gifts are personalised, thoughtful, and (most important of all) will make your loved ones feel truly special this holiday season.

So, got your Christmas list ready? Keep reading to get our best ideas for Christmas photo gifts that are sure to warm the heart of every one of your favourite friends and family members

1. For Family: Framed Canvas Photo Print of Your Family

What better present could you think of for your family than a beautiful family portrait? There are so many options to choose from when it comes to family portraits. What you decide to run with will probably depend on the image you have in mind – and how big of an impression you want to make!

If you’ve got a photo of your extended family, then it might be better to opt for large canvas prints to ensure that everyone in the photo is visible. Or, you might even choose to go for a series of smaller custom Canvas Prints that tell a story when placed in a row or a grid formation – such as a 3×3 or 4×4 configuration.

Or, you could choose a Floating Frame Canvas Print in a range of colours. We have some of the best framed canvas prints around – all you need to do is pick your photo, choose your print style and size, and place your order!

Christmas photo gifts

2. For a Special Someone:  A Personalised Photo Pillow

If you want something truly special, keep reading! Why not order a personalised Photo Pillow with the name of your special someone on it?

Personalised pillow gifts are the perfect sentimental present and best of all – they’re actually useful! They can serve both as a miniature artwork as well as a functioning part of your bedroom, guest room, or living area. What could be better?

Our favourite ideas for personalised pillows are:

  • Personalised pillows with names; simply create a design in Canva then upload it using our easy-to-use order template
  • Personalised pillows with photos; these are even easier to create. Just choose a photo you already have on hand and turn it into a personalised pillow. It might be a family photo, a photo of friends, or a pic of one of your favourite places
  • Personalised pillows with an interesting design. We have millions of designs to choose from, from simple spots or stripes to something a little more unique. Go with a bold geometric design, an abstract print or choose a print featuring your favourite animal

Shop our Photo Pillow options here.

white pillow case photo cushion tiny house

3. For Your Little Ones: A Personalized Photo Block

Want the ideal stocking filler? Why not try wooden photo blocks? They’re compact, affordable, yet they’re personalised, so the receiver will be pleased to know that you’ve put the effort in to create the perfect gift for them.

Wooden photo blocks are exactly what they sound like; they are compact wooden blocks with a printed photo on the front face. Unlike photo frames, you don’t need a stand to help them stand up, as the base of our Photo Blocks is quite thick. They’re also incredibly sturdy and contain no glass that can break! They’re perfect for messy little fingers, too!

A few of our Photo Blocks are the perfect stand-alone present or you could just select one special wooden photo block as an addition to a larger present. They’re so versatile, the choice is yours!

Wooden photo blocks look great anywhere; on a bedside table, on the dresser, coffee table, desk, or on a bookshelf with other ornaments.

Photo block Christmas photo gifts

4. For the Person Who Has Everything: Split Canvas Wall Art

What do you get for the person who has everything? We all know that person; they’re the first to get every new iPhone, they’ve got a wardrobe larger than your whole apartment and they’ve probably got enough gadgets to be able to fly to Mars.

So, what can you buy them at Christmas time? When it comes to Christmas photo gifts, they’ve probably got it all already. A standard canvas print won’t cut it and they might even already have wall art. So, why not get them some Split Canvas Wall Art?

Split canvas wall décor is like normal art, just supersized! Essentially you take a wall art print and split it across several separate prints. The finished piece is still one cohesive artwork, but the effect of the print is magnified. You’re left with a high-impact artwork that is also super unique.

The beauty of split canvas wall art is that it can look fantastic using just about any image, but the best split canvas wall art is usually made up of:

  • Landscapes such as images depicting rugged mountain ranges, lakes, seascapes, or forests
  • Cityscapes
  • Family photos
  • Abstract art
  • Modern art
  • Travel photos

That said, any image or design can create an epic custom Split Canvas Print. Just remember that, if you’re working with a highly detailed print, you shouldn’t split the print at a point where you will lose important details on your print.

Also, when you’re splitting a print with people or animals in it, try not to split it at the arms or legs as this can look a little strange! We have plenty of Split Canvas Wall Art designs to choose from; what you choose will depend on how complex your chosen design is and how large you’d like your print to be!

Christmas photo gifts

5. For Your Grandparents: A Photo Album Book

Looking for thoughtful Christmas photo gifts for your grandparents? Why not get the family together and create a printed Photo Album Book? It’s hard for families to keep track of digital photos these days. Photos from events over the years are often spread out across various devices between different family members, and it’s hard to get everyone together to send through their favourite pics. But creating a present for the grandparents is a great excuse to get everyone’s pics.

Simply gather your photos together and use our online photo album maker to create a customised Photo Album Book. It’s so easy! We also have several designs to choose from, so you can even customise your photo book according to the recipient or the subject.

Christmas photo gifts

6. For the Friend Who is Always There for You: A Custom Mug

What do you get your loyal friend who is always there for you, no matter what? That’s easy – a custom mug! Our Custom Mugs are cheap yet they’re still a thoughtful gift. They show your loved ones that you care and are willing to go the extra mile to create something special for them.

Our high-quality custom coffee mugs are perfect for your loved ones to keep at home or the office. These are our favourite ideas for a Custom Mug:

  • A custom mug with a collage of their most beloved pet for them to take to work
  • Custom mugs with photos of their family
  • Custom mugs with a collage of all your friends
  • A personalized coffee travel mug so they can relive their favourite travel memories when they are waist-deep in paperwork at the office!
  • A themed custom mug with unique designs and custom photos that you can add yourself

We’ve even got magic custom mugs, which appear just like a black mug but then change colour depending on the temperature of the liquid inside! You can upgrade any of our Custom Photo Mugs to a Magic Mug.

Christmas custom mug

7. For Dad: Personalized Stubby Holders

Christmas shopping for dads is tough. Dads usually don’t want much, and what they do want they tend to buy themselves. When it comes to Christmas photo gifts, you really can’t go wrong. Let’s face it – Dad can never have too many family snaps.

But why not get him something both personal, thoughtful and useful for Christmas this year? Our personalised Stubby Holders are the best; they’re affordable and they can be customised in so many different ways! Get a Single Photo Stubby Holder and add a single image of you and Dad, or grab a Photo Collage Stubby Cooler and add a few different pics.

You could even add pics of all dad’s favourite things; his favourite sport, his favourite TV Show, his beloved pet, and, of course, his favourite person; you!

Custom Stubby Holders are cheap, too, which means you could even grab a couple of different designs, or get one for your grandpa, too!

personalised Valentine's Day gift

8. For the Travel Addict: Custom Metal Prints

Got a friend or family member who is obsessed with travel? Although travel has been a little tricky the past couple of years, keen travellers usually have plenty of travel photos lying around or floating around on social media.

Our custom Metal Prints are the perfect way to commemorate those wonderful travel memories. Our HD custom metal prints capture images in all their glory, picking up on small details. That means that every special travel moment will feel even more real, whether that’s wall art of a cascading waterfall, a magical sunset, or the sun sparkling on the ocean.

If you’re considering custom metal Prints vs canvas, remember that canvas looks a little more classic, whereas the best metal prints are super high-definition. If you’re looking for a chic, modern, gallery-style look, custom metal prints are the ideal gift. Metal Prints are also sturdier (perfect for little fingers or high-traffic areas), and can be placed in areas with more moisture than the rest of the home like a man cave in the garage!

metal print

9. For the Bestie: A Canvas Photo Collage

Of all the Christmas photo gifts, your bestie deserves the best, right? So why not make a custom Photo Collage frame? If you’re like most besties, you’ve probably got countless photos of all the fun times you’ve shared together, and it might be hard to pick your faves.

That’s why a canvas Photo Collage is so perfect; you can add all your favourite pics in the same artwork! This is the modern-day equivalent of a scrapbook, and it’s easy to see why they are so popular!

The best part? Photo collages are actually very simple to make with our photo collage maker. Simply gather together all the photos you want to use – in digital format, of course. Then choose your canvas collage format. We’ve got standard square or rectangular collages to choose from, but we also have custom photo collage shapes for something a little more unique!

Upload your images into our Photo Collage Maker, and add any editing effects. If your images are all different colours you might want to use the same editing style for all your images. For instance, you might lighten them all a little or add a sepia or black-and-white filter to help your artwork look a little more cohesive.

Then, simply place your order and you’re done – you’ve got a personalised Christmas photo gift!

Christmas photo gifts

10. For the Pet Lover: A Pet Photo Gift They’ll Treasure FURever

For some of us, our pets are loved just as much as our families – if not more! If you know someone with a special fur baby, why not honour that love with one of our pet photo gifts? Choose from any of our custom pet gifts, such as:

Pet photo gifts can also be a great way to commemorate those pets who have already crossed over the “rainbow bridge” but are sorely missed by your friends or family. It’s a lovely way to share fond memories.


Hopefully, you’ve found your inspiration and you now have some great ideas for Christmas photo gifts that are thoughtful, personal, and will make your loved ones smile! So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing here!


  • How can I give a picture as a gift?

There are so many ways to give a picture as a gift! For a smaller gift you can grab a Photo Cushion, Photo Block or a small Canvas Print. For a larger gift, you can create a Large Canvas Print or a Custom Canvas Collage. You just have to be sure you’re using the highest-quality images you can find and try to avoid condensing your image files in any way, for instance, when you’re emailing it from one person to another. Browse our range here for more inspiration!

  • Are pictures a good gift?

Pictures are the best gift you can give! They’re thoughtful, personal, and it takes effort to find the right photos, making them all the more meaningful. Not everyone remembers to print out all their photos these days and they end up lost amongst a huge volume of photos on our smartphones. Printing them on a photo gift or wall art print is special, as your loved ones can look at them each and every day.

  • What to get someone who loves photos?

If you’re wondering what to get someone who loves photos, you could get them a Canvas Factory voucher, or create a Wall Display of all their favourite photos. That way, you don’t have to choose just one image!

  • What can I do with a special photo?

If you have just one special photo that you’d like to print, we’ve got the perfect options for you! You can create a Canvas Print of that one special image. Canvas Prints have a classic look. Or, try a Metal Print, or an Acrylic Print for more of a modern, gallery-style look. If you want a small print, try a Photo Block and pop it on your bedside table or dresser where you can see it up close every day.


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