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Custom photo mug image

Photo Mugs

Custom photo mug image

Design your own custom photo mug

A personalised photo mug from the Canvas Factory makes the perfect gift, it is even a great present to give yourself! There are a variety of options to choose from, such as a single photo mug, a collage photo mug or even a themed collage mug. Every mug can be further customised with additional text to convey a special message. You can even upgrade your mug to a Magic Mug.

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Popular Mug Styles

Single Photo Mugfrom $14.96

Choose 1 photo repeated on both sides or a different photo on each side.

Photo Collage Mugfrom $14.96

Choose a collage design and add multiple photos to your mug.

Themed Collage Mugfrom $14.96

Collage mugs with preset themes and artwork.

Upgrade Your Photo Mug to a Magic Mug

Magic Mugs: For an extra special experience, upgrade to a Magic Photo Mug. Pour hot liquid into your Magic Mug and your photo will appear, just like magic!

Each Magic Mug appears solid black in colour until it is filled with hot water, then the black thermal coating fades away to reveal the image on your photo mug. Then once you have finished your drink, the Magic Mug gradually turns back to black as it cools down.

Standard Mugs: What better way to tell the world that ‘this is my mug’ than by personalising it with favourite photo of family, friends, fur children, or special message. This 325 ml ceramic Photo Mug is the perfect gift for birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day and even Christmas, or simply get one for yourself to add that special factor to your daily drink.

Available Mug Designs

Single PhotoSingle
Photo CollagePhoto
Themed CollageThemed
  • single photo mug image
    Single Photo Mug $14.96
    $19.95 Save (25%)
  • photo collage mug image
    Collage Mug 1 $14.96
    $19.95 Save (25%)
  • baby beach photo collage mug image
    Collage Mug 2 $14.96
    $19.95 Save (25%)
  • wedding collage mug image
    Collage Mug 3 $14.96
    $19.95 Save (25%)
  • family photo mug image
    Themed Dad Mug $14.96
    $19.95 Save (25%)
  • custom love photo mug image
    Themed Love Mug $14.96
    $19.95 Save (25%)
  • mothers day photo mug image
    Themed Mothers Mug $14.96
    $19.95 Save (25%)