9 DIY Gift Ideas The Recipient Will Adore

When gift-giving time rolls around – whether for a birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, or the festive season, the stores will do a very good job of trying to convince you that they have the perfect gift solutions. And while it can certainly be the easier solution to pop to the shops and take care of all your present buying chores in one shopping trip, we all know that the best gifts are those that you make yourself.

DIY gift ideas are becoming more and more popular and the reasons are simple. Homemade gifts speak volumes without saying a word: they tell the recipient that you think enough of them to give up your precious time and energy on creating a gift by hand.

And, as a fantastic added bonus, homemade gifts are usually less expensive than the store-bought variety. Just a little something extra to keep in mind when deciding what to give your loved one next!

1. Candy Cake

Diy Gift Ideas - Candy Cake

By Lick the Bowl Good

If your gift recipient has a sweet tooth, and if you’re looking for something a little extravagant, you can’t go past this DIY candy cake. You will need an initial outlay of all the lollies and chocolates that go into making this cake, but the end result is a feast for all the senses. This would be a fantastic gift to give in lieu of a birthday cake.

2. Infinity Scarf

Diy Gift Ideas - Infinity Scarf

By The Diy Mommy

If you’ve ever seen your intended gift recipient wearing a scarf, then stop right here. Check out this fifteen-minute DIY infinity scarf! The brilliance of this DIY gift idea is that you can choose any fabric from your local craft store and instantly personalise it in a way that will make it so much more special to receive.

Don’t be thrown off by the fact that this DIY project involves sewing: you don’t need a sewing machine, only a simple needle and thread. This is one example where the end result is way more simple than it looks!

3. Handmade Herbal Soap

Diy Gift Ideas - Herbal Soap

From Health Bites

We love this recipe for DIY herbal soaps, mainly because it’s one of the simplest versions we’ve seen. If you’re completely new to soap making, the recipe even has a cheat for beginners – starting with a plain bar of natural soap, grating it, and then melting it down to combine with your other ingredients.

If you’ve ever considered making soap as a gift, this is a fantastic way to start. This homemade gift idea can be made in larger batches to serve as fantastic wedding favours or bridal/baby shower favours.

4. Canvas Collage

Diy Gift Ideas - Collage

Spending your time and energy on a handmade gift for someone really shows them you appreciate them. And, what better way to celebrate your special shared memories than with a personalised canvas collage featuring photos of all the fun times you’ve shared together. A canvas collage is the perfect gift for someone special because it combines the DIY element with a professional, store-quality finish.

5. Envelope Mini Album

Diy Gift Ideas - Envelope Mini Album

By Paper Vinenz

Unlike other DIY scrapbooking or album making projects, this mini envelope album includes pockets for smaller items to be stored without potentially damaging them. If you’ve got original black-and-white photos, slides, or photo negatives, they will be much better preserved inside an envelope than by being glued in to a scrapbook.

You’ll need a few basic scrapbooking supplies to begin with, otherwise these can all be purchased. The end result is stunning and is sure to be treasured by the recipient.

6. Custom Tote Bags

custom tote bags

By Canvas Factory

If you’re looking for a DIY gift ideas suitable that can suit anyone from kids to teens to adults, read on! Everyone can appreciate a tote bag, and they’re infinitely useful for anything from going to class to shopping or travelling.

Personalised tote bags allow you to create a unique piece that no one else will have! Add meaningful photos that suit the gift recipient, such as photos of their family or friends. It’s so easy to create an epic tote bag with Canvas Factory.

7. Chocolate Cookie Mix in a Jar

Diy Gift Ideas - Chocolate Cookie Mix

By The Frugal Girls

We saw this gift idea and instantly thought party favour: for a birthday party, baby or bridal shower, or wedding. Alternatively, this would be an excellent holiday gift for those occasions when you need to bring bulk gifts. The recipe is so simple that you don’t even need to create the cake mix yourself – it’s really all in the presentation.

8. Wall Organiser

Diy Gift Ideas - Wall Organiser

From Curbly

The perfect homemade gift for a student or someone who runs a home office, this DIY wall organiser has a little bit of everything, and can be customised to suit the particular needs of your gift recipient. We love that this wall organiser includes a wooden shelf for decorative or practical purposes.

9. iPad Case

Diy Gift Ideas - Ipad Case

By Honestly Wtf

This one may be a little deceiving. Even though it’s a DIY project, you still need to purchase a ready-made leather iPad sleeve before you begin. On the other hand, your finished product will look so much more chic and stylish than the plain old leather case did to begin with.

Of course, if your gift recipient prefers a different brand of tablet or smartphone, you could apply the same technique to any size sleeve.

Hopefully one of the above DIY gift ideas resonates perfectly with you and will send you off on your own happy DIY adventure. If you’re looking for more ideas for homemade gifts or thoughtful gifts, please see our other blog posts for a variety of other DIY gift ideas.


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