11 Unique Ideas for Black & White Wall Art

11 Unique Ideas for Black & White Wall Art

Black and white wall art isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when we’re thinking about how to make our walls pop. Usually, our eyes go straight to large colourful wall art pieces that are sure to turn heads. But did you know that black and white wall can be just as impactful, if not more when done well?

Sometimes the best art is the simplest. The best part about black and white wall art prints is that they are classic, timeless, and chic. They can suit virtually any interior decor scheme and are so versatile they can be moved from room to room easily if you ever want to mix things up again in your home!

Black and white wall art certainly doesn’t need to be boring! You can choose large black and white wall art and create a statement wall with an eye-catching piece of art. 

Ready to find the perfect black and white wall art piece? Keep reading for our favourite wall art suggestions.

1. Black and white photography

There’s just something so classically beautiful about black and white photography. Almost anything looks fantastic in black and white, but portraits, family photos, or wedding photos look especially chic. Pets, landscapes, and photos of nature all look great in black and white, too.

black and white wall art

The best black and white photographs are the ones with plenty of different tones and textures. If your photo already has a lot of beautiful, rich, colours in it that you love, it won’t necessarily look better in black and white. But if it has plenty of interesting lines, shapes, tones, or textures, it could look fantastic as a black and white image.

Assess what images you already have. Chances are, you’ve already got a great photo that could look fantastic in black and white!

If you’re experimenting with black and white photography, all you need to do is find a willing participant and snap some portraits. Play around with light and shadow to create a portrait and turn it into a piece of art.

black and white wall art

2. Large black and white wall art

Why not go all-out with a large black and white statement piece? These can be ideal for filling up blank walls in your entrance hall, living room, dining area, or bedroom. But how do you choose the right large black and white wall art when there is so much to choose from?

Choose a print with interesting shapes and lines and a strong contrast between black and white – after all, you want something that will stand out! You could opt for an abstract painted print, a textural print of a natural scene or landscape, or a bold graphic print.

When creating a large print, you could even create a split canvas print. Split canvas prints are essentially a set of two or more prints made of only one image. Split canvas prints can look fantastic with landscapes.

black and white wall art

3. Black and white photo collage

If you can’t decide which photo to use, or if you have a large number of black and white photographs you’d like to use, we’ve got just the solution for you! Why not create a black and white photo collage, featuring all your favourite pics?

The easiest configuration is arranging your photos in a square or rectangular grid configuration. That might be a 3 x 3 layout, 3 x 4, or even 3 x 10 small prints. It all depends on your space.

When creating your collage, using black and white photographs is easy because you don’t need to worry about matching colours. But, if you like, you could choose to create a display and organise it by theme. So, you might choose family photos, wedding photos, or photos of your travels from over the years.

If you want to create more of an unstructured gallery wall, we have plenty of wall displays to choose from – simply use our order template and you’ll be able to preview exactly what your display will look like before you order!

canvas collages wall art

4. Graphic wall art

When it comes to black and white wall art, graphic art is a must! This is the ultimate way to create show-stopping wall art without colour. 

Graphic wall art prints typically feature heavy lines, bold shapes and can occasionally play with 3D illusions. They’re perfect for the living areas or your study. They can often have an ultra-modern look, so would suit any minimalistic or modern decor scheme.

black and white wall art

5. Black and white street photography

Street photography was made to be captured in black and white. Black and white tones give street photography that gritty, urban look and help simplify images when colour only serves to distract from the photography.

From interesting architecture to thoughtful portraits and cityscapes, street photography creates eye-catching black and white wall art. You can try snapping your own street photography, or, if you’re not up for that, browse our enormous collection of street photography and choose the images you like!

street photography wall art

6. Black and white wall art of flowers

Countless artists and photographers have experimented with capturing flowers in different ways over the years. Not to mention, they make the perfect subject, as they’re found everywhere!

Opt for a simple black and white print of flowers or go for a close-up of just one flower in all its intricate beauty.

black and white wall art

7. Nature prints

Nature photography can look epic as black and white wall art canvas prints. You just need to select the right photos. Whether it’s a picture you’ve snapped yourself or one that you found online, think carefully about why it would make a good black and white image. If you have an image with lots of detail, sometimes it makes a better colour print. But, if you have a close up image or a clear image with plenty of contrast, you can usually come up with a winning black and white print.

For example, this beautiful close-up print of elephants is better in black and white, as you can see all the detail. The simplicity of having no colour allows the viewer to focus on the connection between the two elephants.

black and white nature wall art

8. Architectural wall art

The bold lines and stark contrast of architecture are typically at their best in black and white. Architectural photography is all about manipulating light and angles in a certain way to capture the interesting forms different buildings can take.

black and white wall art

9. Abstract black and white wall art

Finally, abstract black and white wall art is the perfect way to decorate a room when you’re not sure which art to use. Abstract art allows the viewer to form their own interpretation of what it means, which gives you a little more freedom when decorating.

Abstract black and white wall art can be unique and creative, yet the lack of colour and defined style means that it can suit virtually any room. So if you know you might be moving house soon or you want a versatile piece that can be moved around, this is the perfect canvas art form!

black and white wall art

Turn anything into black and white wall art

There are endless options when it comes to creating jaw-dropping black and white wall art prints. In fact, did you know that with our super-easy order template you can turn virtually any print into black and white wall art?

Simply upload your photo or print or choose from our selection of millions of prints. Then, if you’d like to convert a coloured design, select “Choose an effect, and select “Grey”. If you’ve selected a design that is already black and white, then just continue clicking through the order process. It’s that easy!

Ready to order? Start browsing our designs today and get ready to transform your walls. 


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