Using Canvas Prints for Your Next Dinner Party

Everyone loves a good dinner party. No matter your age, marital status, or location, sometimes it’s essential to have a few friends over to drink some wine, share a meal, and enjoy your home – and the gorgeous canvas art you have on your walls, of course! But as your guests have come to expect your canvas print wall décor, the time may have come to surprise them a little. What better way than to use the power of photos on canvas to not only decorate your next dinner party, but to help organise it?


Here are a couple of ways you can use canvas prints to jazz up your next party and make it into something your guests will go home buzzing about.

Dinner Party Canvas Print Idea #1: Make the Menu Gorgeous!

Every dinner party has a carefully planned menu. You might want a casual night with just a few courses and a definitely focus on the wine, or you might be looking for a formal evening with wine pairings and seven courses including cheese, brandy, and cigars after the meal! Either way, creating a gorgeous menu as a graphic on your computer and then turning it into a cool piece of canvas art is a great way to give your guests a glimpse of what’s to come.

Start off with a simple text of your menu so you can concentrate on getting all the details in. Then get creative: Add a background and some clip art – perhaps even smaller photos of the actual dishes you’ll be making! Make sure it’s high-resolution enough to print clearly and use lots of colour so it pops. Send it off to be made into canvas prints online and surprise everyone with your ‘bistro’s’ menu when they arrive!

Dinner Party Canvas Print Idea #2: Very Personal Seating Cards!

Part of the art of the dinner party, of course, is arranging the seating. While the cocktail portion of the evening is very loose and free-flowing, the actual dinner usually requires some planning to ensure conversational flow. Some people will simply work better with others, and getting the arrangement right can take some thinking.


Once you have a plan, however, the next step is to put it into action, which means seating cards so people know where they have been assigned. Often these include a wine glass with a charm so there’s no confusion about drinks throughout the evening. A dramatic way to guide everyone into their seat is to choose a personal photo of them, something that captures their spirit and their relationship to you, and turning it into a piece of canvas art! Set on the table or propped up on the chair, everyone will know instantly where to sit, there will be an instant buzz of conversation – and everyone can take their photo home as a party favour!

Dinner parties are fun – but they’re not effortless. If you put your mind to it you can come up with plenty of other ideas to make your evening memorable for all involved. Click here to see what your options are and to order your next Wow Moment for your next party!