How to Get the Cottagecore Aesthetic

How to Get the Cottagecore Aesthetic

Do you ever wish we lived in a simpler time when we weren’t all glued to our screens? If so, you’re not the only one! This is the mentality behind what people are calling the cottagecore aesthetic, a style we’re seeing overtake our feeds on social media, both in fashion as well as in the homewares space.

But what is cottagecore décor? Well, the cottagecore aesthethic is kind of what it sounds like; think country-style homes and farmhouse cottages with rustic brassware, floral-patterned china tea sets and pretty peasant dresses.

Traditional cottagecore takes us back to the English countryside, and a time when people just enjoyed the simple things; a delicious meal, a vintage lace doily, or a simple countryside view. And, given the past couple of years, it makes sense that we’re acknowledging these nostalgic simpler times.

But cottagecore is easy to get wrong. The key isn’t to make it look like you set your grandma loose in your house to redecorate. It’s about borrowing elements of the coveted cottagecore décor look that fit with your existing home style, whether that’s modern, classic, or coastal.

Keep reading to find out how to get the cottagecore aesthetic in your home and transform it into your own take on the look without starting a full-scale renovation.

Step 1: Decide How You Want to Adapt the Look

First off, decide how much you want to change about your current look. If you’ve already got a classic or country-style home and you just want to up the ante, you won’t have much to do to get the cottagecore aesthetic.

On the other hand, you might decide you want to completely change your home style. In that case, you can either start slow and change room-by-room, or just add decorative items and then replace furniture later, if you need to.

cottagecore decor kitchen

Step 2: Adding Cottagecore Furniture

If you want to really get the cottagecore aesthetic but your furniture is ultra-modern, switch up your furniture. But before you start checking your bank balance, don’t despair! Cottagecore is all about that old-school, rustic, worn look. So, you can even add a few vintage or antique pieces of furniture or add made items like hand-stitched wall hangings, cushions, reupholstered furniture, or painted items.

Shop markets, garage sales, and Facebook Marketplace to score some vintage bargains. If you end up with mismatched colours, you can always paint your furniture white for a fresh cottage-coastal look.

cottagecore furniture

Step 3: Use Natural Materials

The cottagecore aesthetic has its roots in a simpler time when things were made from natural, durable materials. Fabrics were all-natural, undyed, and easy to care for. They were made of materials like linen, cotton, or canvas. You can apply this look to furniture by using white linen slipcovers on the couches.

Even cottagecore wood tones are fairly light, akin to natural wood, rather than harsh orange tones or black. If you want to add some colour, try adding some greenery in the form of leafy indoor plants or potted flowers to brighten up in the kitchen.

natural cottagecore materials

Step 4: Add Wall Art

Now, this is the fun part! With the natural-look backdrop you’ve already created, you’ll want to start adding some much-needed colour to your spaces! Wall art is the perfect way to achieve this. Here are our favourite cottagecore wall art ideas:

The best part is there’s so much to choose from when it comes to the cottagecore aesthetic, as it’s such a broad trend. You can choose wall art of virtually anything from a simpler time.

cottagecore wall art

Step 5: Search for Vintage Touches

The cottagecore look is all about adding those little touches that add character to a home. Think vintage mirrors, tea sets, country-style vases, or checked cushions. You can pick up plenty of these items from your local markets, and they’re likely to have lots of character!

You could also grab one of our photo cushions. Mix up cushions in solid colours with printed cushions. Our favourites are:

The best part about these is that you can choose from literally millions of our designs, which is great if you have a specific design in mind that you can’t find anywhere else.

tea set farmhouse

Step 6: Switch up Tapware and Handles

A super-easy way to update your home and add some cottagecore charm is to change up your tapware and handles. The best rustic finishes are typically brushed brass or antique gold.

Update tapware, cupboard handles, and knobs in the bathroom and kitchen, or even door handles throughout your whole home. Along with a fresh coat of paint, this can make a surprising new change in your home.

cottagecore decor bathroom

Step 7: Hang a Rustic Chandelier

Finally, add the finishing touches to solidify your cottagecore aesthetic. A rustic chandelier or hanging light is the perfect way to make a statement in the home. You can choose to do this in just one room, or multiple rooms throughout the home. Or, pick a statement chandelier for the living room and then opt for a more subtle look throughout the bedrooms.

When hanging a chandelier, pay close attention to how much space you have and your ceiling heights. If you already have a low ceiling, the last thing you want is to take up more space. In that scenario, it’s best to make a statement in another way, such as with antique furniture or wall art.

cottagecore decor

Canvas Factory has millions of wall art designs to choose from, making it easy and affordable to transform your spaces. Whether you’re trying to get the cottagecore décor look or you just want to inject some character into your spaces, wall art is the perfect way to get started! Check out our huge range of wall art here.  


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