How to Support Local Businesses by Buying Photo Gifts

How to Support Local Businesses by Buying Photo Gifts

Even though we’ve survived another outbreak, we’re still recovering and local businesses need our help. Supporting local businesses is a great way to connect with local communities. It helps keep people employed and keeps the local businesses afloat. Read on to discover how to support local businesses here.

Some NZ businesses are struggling more than others and where you shop matters. Local businesses make our local areas feel vibrant, and they also make it possible for us to shop without driving for hours to find the stores we need!

You’d be surprised just how important a few purchases can be for a small business. Yet you don’t need to go far to support local businesses – you don’t even need to leave the house! You can do all your research online, enabling you to buy in person or buy local from the comfort of home.

In fact, for some, the drive to support local businesses throughout the pandemic has highlighted just how many amazing local NZ businesses are out there. So, what can you do today to support local businesses and buy NZ?

1. Shop on Local Online Stores

The most obvious thing you can do to support local businesses is to buy local. That means, wherever possible, buying from stores in your local area or on online stores. Buy local produce and in-season fruit and veggies. They’re usually cheaper and much fresher than imported goods, anyway!

Buy wine in advance from local wineries. Hawke’s Bay wineries deliver wine directly to your door, if you buy at least six bottles. This means the profit goes straight to the winery, rather than to another retailer.

The Modern Forager is a great resource featuring local New Zealand producers, allowing you to buy directly from farmers, growers and producers.

Canvas Factory NZ products are also created in New Zealand from local suppliers, except for a few of our larger custom sizes. This keeps transport costs low, enabling us to pass these savings onto our customers.

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2. Eat Out, or Get Takeaway

If eating out isn’t an option in your area, take away is still a great way to support local businesses while having a fun night in. The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit during lockdowns. By supporting these local businesses, you could be helping them stay afloat.

Or, for something different, try locally-made cocktail kits or cook-at-home kits. Contact your favourite local restaurant to see what’s available.

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3. Write a Review

The good news is that you don’t need to spend money to support local businesses! Write a review on their Facebook page, show them some love on Instagram or head to their website to leave a review.

Positive, detailed reviews that are meant from the heart can really help businesses in the long run. It can give them authority online so that when business does pick up again, people will be more inclined to buy.

4. Try Something New

Have a break in your own backyard. Once we’re able to travel again, plan a short trip locally. We’re lucky enough to have such a diverse landscape, with a huge variety of beautiful and unique places to travel in our own country.

From the beach to the bush to the ski slopes, New Zealander’s are spoilt for choice. Visit 100% Pure New Zealand to find your next holiday idea.

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If a fancy trip isn’t possible, invest in some camping gear and set out on a camping trip or do a day trip within your local area and go on a hike. Find a hike to suit your skill level here.

While you’re out in nature, you could even get some fantastic travel shots to turn into beautiful, high-definition canvas prints.

At Canvas Factory NZ, almost all of our production is completed with local New Zealand suppliers. By shopping with us, you’re not only shopping local, but you can also benefit from shorter delivery times and lower shipping costs. Start shopping our wall art here, or search for photo gifts here!


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