The Love Everyday Project: You, Cheap Canvas Prints, and Time

The Internet has evolved into a bottomless entertainment bucket, not only because of the streams of professionally-produced entertainment coming out of it but also because of the infinite amount of amateur material being uploaded to it by regular people. Between the funny pictures, videos, and entertaining comments and blog posts it’s almost like boredom is a thing of the past.

You might have seen some of the “picture every day” projects that have been posted to the Internet, where someone takes a “selfie” every day for a year or so and then posts them or cuts them into a video (here’s one of the more entertaining ones we’ve seen: These are fun not only because they’re so personal, but because they give us a glimpse of time passing in a way we normally can’t see.


So here’s an idea for the Ultimate Romantic Gift: Instead of a Selfie everyday, take a photo of you and your significant other every day (or every week or every month if it’s more feasible), and then turn those – or at least some of them – into canvas art prints to follow your journey together.

Imagine the Canvas Prints Possibilities!

While taking a photo of you and your partner every day or even every month might seem like overkill, it’s all about the payoff. Life goes by pretty quick, and if you don’t pause and mark the passage it’s like you wake up one day and you’re old and grey and can’t imagine where the time went. Cheap canvas prints that mark all of your past together slowly evolves from a strange hobby into an awesome document of shared lives.

Imagine hanging these canvas art prints along a hallway in your home – starting with you as kids, really, having just met and just starting out on your journey. Slowly, you are older in each successive print on canvas, and your relationship is stronger and deeper as well. And maybe there are hard times, that also get documented, and there’s one print on canvas where you know, privately, that there was a chance it would be the last one – and yet there’s another one from a year later, with both of you still in it – literally and figuratively.

Canvas Prints Capture the Romance

This project doesn’t have to be all serious, however. By taking a photo every day, week, month, or year to document your relationship, you have plenty of opportunities for being silly and making it into a fun project everyone in your life can appreciate.


One idea would be to make sure you both wear the same outfit in each “special” photo destined to become one of the canvas art prints in your project. Or that you’re posed the same way, or perhaps you wear different cool costumes in each one. Whatever your ideas, have fun with it! Relationships don’t have to be super serious. Part of what makes your relationship great is the fun you have together – so show that off in your canvas wall prints.

If you’re excited about a crazy project like this, get started! And when you have your first batch of everyday/week/month/year photos, click here and we’ll get right on making them into canvas prints that you’ll be proud to hang in your home.