10 Brilliant Large Wall Art Ideas To Elevate Your Spaces

10 Brilliant Large Wall Art Ideas To Elevate Your Spaces

We spend a lot of time decorating inside our rooms but not much time thinking about what’s on our walls. But once you find some beautiful large wall art prints, you’ll regret not having adorned your walls sooner. These large wall art ideas will elevate your spaces and transform your walls.

Large wall art on canvas is undeniably impressive.They say bigger is better, and when it comes to wall art this is definitely the case! Large-scale paintings can be beautiful, but unfortunately they can also be costly, ranging in price anywhere from hundreds of dollars up until the tens of thousands (or more!).

Luckily, there are a multitude of other ways to decorate your walls. We’ve compiled our favourite affordable large wall art ideas so you can create stunning home décor that will see you admiring your home in a new light.

Our top large wall art ideas

Large wall art is transformative. Thanks to its size, it has the power to change the look and atmosphere of any room.

However, if you make the wrong choice with your wall art the mistake is amplified. So no pressure, but it’s crucial you make the right choice when selecting your large or extra-large wall art!

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to discover our top large wall decor ideas.

large wall art ideas portrait

Large wall art on canvas can often tie together the different colours in your rooms and become the focal point of your carefully-curated home décor. It has the power to brighten a room, add a range of moods, or showcase your amazing photography skills.

Here are our top large wall art ideas so you’ll never run short of inspiration! Keep scrolling for our favourite wall decor ideas.

1. Retro prints

Retro prints are great for the kitchen, mess room, entrance hall or guest rooms, and make the perfect gift for your favourite people. They’re also highly unique. Amazing retro prints can be difficult to find, making them an interesting large wall art idea.

Luckily, we have some great retro print images to choose from which can easily be turned into canvas prints, like this awesome beer ad, perfect for the living room or man cave. Or, if you really want to get creative, upload your own fun retro design and we’ll do the rest!

2. Oversized photo portraits

Instead of the typical family portrait photos, why not try something different and go for a beautiful, expressive, oversized portrait?

These can be a great way to display fun photos of the kids, and you don’t even need to hang them on the walls. Instead, they can look great propped on a large shelf, desk or even on the floor.

Large-scale black and white portraits, or photos of family can be highly-impactful, and give your rooms a gallery-style feel. Alternatively, you can edit the background out and add a pop of colour in the background for more of a retro or art-deco feel.

Get inspired here.

black and white portrait wall art

3. Geometric prints

Want high-impact oversized wall art ideas? Bold prints will always be in style, and geometric is about as bold as you can get! Just as they work in fashion, they can work on our walls. Geometric prints are a modern design comprised of different graphic shapes. They look fantastic in black and white or colour.

Geometric prints are the perfect way to make a bold statement in a living room, entrance hall or void space, or even in a courtyard. And, when you’ve got a large wall art print, they look even better.

geometric large wall art

4. Add a touch of nature

A little touch of nature can provide a welcome respite from our harsh concrete world. So, why not add some nature in your home?

The most obvious way to do this is with actual plants, but there are only so many plants you can look after at once! So, failing that, you can use large wall art to create the illusion of a colourful room that incorporates a touch of nature.

Large wall art ideas containing scenes of nature could be things like:

palm print

5. Use a picture ledge or floating frame

Add smaller prints on a picture ledge to create a large impactful display. Layer prints over one another to create an interesting, varied look. Overall this will give you the look of a larger piece without having to compromise on choice.

For this look, a variety of different styles and colours can look great. Aim to tie your pictures together with a theme. Some of our favourite large wall art ideas for a floating frame are:

  • Pastel colours
  • Bright landscapes and holiday images
  • Minimal-style black and white photographs mixed with black and white frames, drawings and quotes
  • Red, black and white
  • A cool theme such as blues and whites or blues and greens
  • Minimal with pops of graphic prints
  • Feminine; pinks and creams

There are so many options; the decision is up to you! These picture ledges look great in kids’ rooms, in the bedroom, in a study or library or in the living room.

floating shelving

6. Abstract artworks

When it comes to large wall art ideas, a bold abstract artwork can serve to bring some unique intrigue to a room. The colours, patterns and shapes that make up abstract artworks are stunning, but many shy away from these artworks because they can be expensive, especially large wall art on canvas.

By creating your own large abstract art prints, you’ll still get unique and highly personalised large prints but you’ll get them at a fraction of the price.

Our wrapped canvas still looks like it belongs in a gallery, and you can choose from all kinds of styles and colour themes.

Large abstract prints look great in a living or dining room, or even hanging above the bed.

abstract art

7. Series artwork

Series pieces are artworks which tells a story. They can be a series of three large pictures that create a high-impact look, or a large artwork combined with smaller pieces across one or two walls in your home.

A series might even be a range of 12-16 (or more) small pieces that, together, create an extra-large wall art look.

An easy way to do this is if you already have a stunning Instagram feed. You can create a grid series using these images and upload directly from Instagram.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our wall displays to choose a configuration you like.

series artwork

8. Brighten dark walls with light prints

The best artwork ideas can transform the way a room looks. To brighten a dark room, all you need to do is add light! In the same way that black makes you appear slimmer, dark rooms can often make you feel boxed in, especially if they are already fairly compact.

Large wall art on canvas can be extremely effective in brightening up a dark space. So why not add a large artwork in a large wall space?

Opt for white, cream or a beige base to brighten your walls. When searching for prints on Canvas Factory, our print options can be filtered by colour. So, you may decide you want a light-coloured abstract print. In that case, you would search for “abstract” and then use the colour filter to select a light option.

9. Split a photo

Split images can create a fantastic high-impact look that will stand out in your home. It’s a great artwork for a large wall space. These split images look even better as large prints.

If you have a large, impressive image, turn it into a high-impact, chic split image canvas print series.

Some of our favourite large wall decor ideas using split prints are:

  • Landscapes; forests, seascapes, beaches, mountains, fields, or deserts are all great options
  • Flowers; choose a floral arrangement or an image of a bunch of flowers
  • Photos of family and friends; with these you just have to be careful so you’re not cutting anyone’s body parts off, but these can create a highly unique look that’s a bit different from the standard family photo

split canvas

Not sure if your idea will look good? Use an image splitter to configure your artwork. You could even print miniature versions of your images to see what it may look like. Or, simply use our template during check out to see what your image might look like.

split canvas large wall art ideas

10. Use bookshelves

For a large wall art idea that’s a little different, rather than putting books in your bookshelves, add photo blocks and other frames to create a photo bookshelf! You can even mix photos and frames with other objects like trophies, trinkets or plants to create a diversified look.

Or, better still, tie your objects into your images using a theme. It might be a family trip you took to a coastal town; including photos of the family, with real seashells and seascapes.

large wall art ideas bookshelf

We hope these large wall art ideas have inspired you!  If you’re looking for large wall art in NZ, you’re in the right place! At Canvas Factory, there really are no limits to what you can create. Large wall art on canvas can really make an impression and can change the atmosphere of your entire space.

Large and extra-large wall art can be expensive, so if you’re unsure about the colours or style of your wall art, print out a smaller version of your image on your computer and hold it up to your walls. It won’t look as good as the real thing, but you’ll have an idea of whether you like the colour and style in your room.

We have a collection of over 40 million images you can use on your canvas prints, or you can upload your own! To explore our prints, click here.

Or, to start uploading your own prints, click here.


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