How To Decorate Boring Walls with Large Custom Canvas Prints

How To Decorate Boring Walls with Large Custom Canvas Prints

Whether your space is big or small, large custom canvas prints always serve to make a big impression. One large statement piece in your space can be transformative, changing the mood of your rooms entirely and becoming the focus of each room. Large art is impactful; people interact more readily with it due to its sheer size.

However, impeccable styling is crucial with large custom canvas prints and can mean the difference between a stunning, high-impact art piece or a piece that falls flat and uninspiring. Large wall art can also be a great way to dress up a sparse room that doesn’t have many existing design features.

To get the biggest and best ideas for large custom canvas prints, read on.

Choose the right image

Large custom canvas prints can build an atmosphere of understated luxury – with the right photo, that is. Your photograph needs to be of a high enough quality that, when blown up, it will still retain its clarity.

Ideally, you also need to choose an image that will tie in with the style of the rest of the room, or juxtapose it nicely for an interesting effect.

For instance:

  • Abstract art pieces can look fantastic in any room. To ensure your piece ties in with the rest of the room, try to match some of the colours in your art piece with the other furnishings in the room
  • Beach scenes can look beautiful in coastal homes or rooms with a nautical theme
  • Landscapes can look fantastic in almost any room style; again, you can try to match some of the colours in your image with the colours in your room
  • Japanese art looks great styled in a neutral room, or with colours like black, white, red or purple.

If you want your wall art to stand out, it is best placed behind or nearby neutral furniture.

pastel painting wall art

Pick your prints to suit the room

Your large custom canvas prints should be chosen to suit the room you’re furnishing. Certain print types are more appropriate in specific rooms. For instance:

minimal modern wall art

Add a print above the sofa

The unused space above your lounge is the perfect place to hang a large print. Ideally, you’ll have a neutral-coloured sofa in a colour like sand, ivory, light grey, charcoal or navy. This will provide the perfect backdrop to add your stunning, high-quality large custom canvas prints.

Sue from on Instagram says;

“My favourite spot for a large canvas is behind the couch as a focal point or in the dining space as a conversation piece. I like to pick out the main colour from the print and add a coordinating vase, cushions or even a throw.”

panoramic large custom canvas prints

Large metal prints in the bathroom

We don’t often consider it, but the bathroom is the ideal place to add large custom canvas prints, particularly if you have a large bathroom. The bathroom should be a sanctuary; a place to relax, reflect, unwind or pamper ourselves.

Your wall art in the bathroom should reflect this zen-like mood. Some great ideas for the bathroom are;

For maximum impact, hang your large custom canvas print opposite the mirror, so you can glimpse your print while you’re looking in the mirror.

Synchronising your colour palette

Bold, large custom canvas prints can be visually dramatic and make a show-stopping statement in your spaces. And, while you don’t want a print that will look too matchy-matchy with your other interiors, you also want your print to tie in with your other décor pieces.

Tahlia of @housetoahome_ recommends keeping your frame and the area around the artwork simple so it doesn’t take away from your gorgeous artwork.

“When choosing an artwork, I feel it’s important to tie your artwork in with the colour scheme or theme you’ve used throughout the room in which you chose to place your artwork. “

large custom canvas prints

Floating frame large custom canvas prints

If you’re not a fan of the wrapped canvas look, or if you’d like some contrast between your canvas and the wall, floating frame prints are a great option. Available in a range of neutral colours, floating frame prints are the ideal way to create a lasting impact.

When deciding whether you’d like a floating frame print or not, consider the following:

  • Does your print contrast with your walls? If not, you might want to add a frame to ensure your print doesn’t look washed out on your walls. A frame can define your artwork and bring it to life
  • What is your overall style, or which kind of look are you going for? A more modern style might look better with an edgy black frame, whereas a wooden floating frame might look great for more traditional large custom canvas prints or within a beachy, Hamptons-style space
  • Do you have other framed prints? If you want to create a cohesive look or a gallery wall, you may want to use framed prints if you already have other framed prints, or wrapped canvas prints if your home is already full of them

That said, style rules are made to be broken and if you’re creating more of an eclectic look, feel free to mix up different styles and create an intriguing look that draws the eye. Mix vivid, colourful artworks with black and white prints for a glamourous yet multifaceted look.

framed canvas print

Create a gallery wall

If you’re not a fan of large custom canvas prints, but you’d still like to make a big impact with wall art, creating a gallery wall is a great way to showcase multiple prints to create what is essentially one large cohesive artwork.

To create a gallery wall, ideally, you should aim to have a common theme or look running between your prints, for instance, perhaps you might use a nautical theme, interspersing family shots at the beach with nautical imagery or seascapes. You might even just use a similar colour theme through all your images; for instance, a gallery wall featuring peachy tones of white, sand, blush pink, tangerine and yellow with a combination of wrapped canvas prints and white framed pictures.

As a general rule, try to start with bigger prints in the centre of your gallery wall and slowly work your way outwards with larger prints. We highly recommend laying your prints on the floor and playing with your gallery wall layout before you start drilling holes in your walls!

Now that you know how to fill your walls with large custom canvas prints, why not get started today? Large prints can be more expensive than smaller prints, but they’re an investment and will last you decades with minimal upkeep. Our prints all come ready to hang, so you won’t need to worry about trying to fasten anything to the back of your canvas. All you need are some hooks, bare walls, some creativity and a discerning eye for styling. Get started choosing your large custom canvas prints here at Canvas Factory.

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