The Best Wall Art Photography Ideas

The Best Wall Art Photography Ideas

Photography is one of the most accessible art forms. It takes skill to master, however even an amateur can create beautiful shots that can be used to create magnificent pieces of wall art. Wall art photography can come in so many different shapes and sizes, and explore all sorts of themes.

But why buy a print from a photo someone else has taken when you can create unique wall art from your own photography?

Wall Art Photography Ideas

We’ve pulled together some of the best wall art photography ideas so you can explore which ones might work for you. Taking beautiful photos can allow you to turn them into stunning, high-impact pieces of wall art.

Holiday Photography

What could work better for your walls than your own special holiday moments? Your holiday photography can serve as a reminder of your favourite holiday destinations or can capture special times with the people you love.

Your holiday photography could consist of family shots, landscape shots or beautiful cityscapes. From charming European city streets, beautiful beach towns, rustic villages or epic landscapes, it’s easy to create beautiful holiday photos and build meaningful art that reminds you of some of the best times of your life.

wall art photography holiday

Architectural Photography

Architectural wall art photography has an ultra-modern look. The sharp lines and bold shapes found in architecture can make for high-impact wall art, if you can learn to take epic architectural photographs.

The best way to do this is to practice! The great thing is that you can practice architectural photography almost everywhere, even in your own neighbourhood. With the right angles, shots and composition, you can create wall-art-worthy architectural shots that would look great in any room of your home.

wall art photography architecture

Sunset Photography

There’s nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous sunset shot created as wall art photography to brighten up your rooms. From peachy pinks to deep, orange hues to rich reds; sunsets make great wall art that can live in practically any room in the home. Sunrise can be just as beautiful, if not more so; it just depends how early you’re willing to wake up and where you are based. Some cities get better sunsets whereas some see beautiful sunrises.

The rich colours visible in sunsets or sunrises don’t just work well on canvas; they are perfectly vibrant on metal prints and acrylic prints as well.

sunset photo

Food Close Ups

It is one thing to take still life photographs of food and post it on Instagram, but it takes creativity to create close up shots of food photography. Even the most mundane items can create photo magic in the kitchen; succulent berries, water bouncing off a wine glass, ice melting, chocolate being poured over a cake; the list goes on.

You can also add any reflective items you might have in the kitchen, like glasses and shiny cutlery, to bring an extra element to your shot. Once you have the perfect shot, simply perform some basic editing functions, choose a canvas and hang your wall art photography!

wall art photography

Pictures of the Rain

Rain is an endless source of inspiration for the budding photographer and has become an art unto itself! It creates a moody, mysterious look that can be infinitely beautiful if done well. Rain photography works best with grey skies and low light, and can even be taken from the inside, looking out at raindrops on a window.

Shooting in the rain is a great skill to have up your sleeve; it means that you don’t need to give up and go home every time the skies open up. So next time try and experiment with shots of the rain to create epic wall art.

rain photography

Abstract Street Photography

Edgy street photography shots can make for truly unique wall art photography. Like architectural photography, anyone can go to their local CBD and capture shots worthy of turning into wall art. Some of the best street art shots look great in black and white or sepia tones.

Abstract street photography can vary; you might capture a winding staircase, a blurred shot of a crowd, reflections in a puddle or an unusual angle on a building. Try to think outside the box when shooting; look up, down or through the gaps between doors and buildings to take your shots. Street photography is perfect for entranceways or living rooms, and also looks great on metal wall art.

wall art photography

Powerful Portraits

The art of capturing a powerful portrait is difficult to master but can be achieved with practice. You might want to take beautiful portraits of your children, friends, your significant other or even your pets! Portraits look beautiful in colour but can also look great in black and white.

Get photography tips on achieving the perfect portrait here.

portrait photography

Nature Shots

There are so many wall art photography shots to capture in the world around us. Sunsets aren’t the only natural event worth photographing. Storms can also create some of the most jaw-dropping wall art photography you’ll ever see, especially if you can get a great shot of lightning shooting across the sky.

Close up nature shots can also be stunning; tiny arts marching across a leaf, a beautiful butterfly, birds nesting in a tree or the rain dripping from a spiky plant. There are so many possibilities when it comes to nature close-ups and the best part is you don’t need to go further than the backyard to find the perfect shot!

nature photography

Flower Photography

Flowers in wall art photography can open up a range of colourful possibilities. Again, you can experiment with close-ups and mid shots, or a wider shot of a large garden of flowers. Either way, flower photography is fairly simple.

Simply choose your location and start shooting, whether you’re shooting a local garden or wildflowers. Sunrise can be a perfect time to shoot flowers; you can capture the morning dew resting on a flower’s petals and the morning dawn light starting to hit them.

flower photography

Fire Photography

If you’re looking to warm up your rooms, fire wall art photography is the way to do it. Shots of fire can have a minimalistic, modern look, yet they can also be intensely detailed and intriguing. Fire photography can be difficult but can also be incredibly rewarding and is one of the most interesting elements to photograph. Just be sure you proceed with caution and take a friend to help you!

wall art photography

To capture sharp, detailed fire photography, use a narrow aperture like f/8.  Alternatively, you can use long-exposure photography to create blurred photos of fire. To get the best shots you’ll need to experiment and find what works best for you. Fire shots work wonderfully in the living areas, but can also look great to warm up a monochrome bedroom.

For more wall art photography ideas, check out the rest of our blog.

Or, if you’ve already found the perfect shot, turn your photography into stunning wall art. You could create a wrapped canvas print or a high-definition metal wall art print. Or, if you want that high-shine finish, go for an acrylic print to make the colours or contrast in your images really pop. Alternatively, if you’d like a frame, opt for one of our floating frame canvas prints.

Our simple ordering template is easy to use; simply choose your preferred material, upload your photo and fill in your details. Our pictures arrive fully ready to hang!


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