How to Decorate a Home Office Affordably

How to Decorate a Home Office Affordably

Struggling to get in the zone while working from home? It’s surprisingly easy once you have a clutter-free, chic home office. That’s why we’ve pulled together a quick guide on how to decorate a home office affordably.

Creating a stylish and sophisticated home office on a budget has never been cheaper, plus it can also have tax benefits depending on the size of your home office and how often you’re using it. Ideally, you want a distraction-free zone with décor that is the right balance of inspiring without being distracting.

Find out how to decorate a home office

When it comes to decorating your home office, you’re likely to be working with a small space. While some of us are lucky enough to have a whole room as a home office, many of us will only have enough space for a desk in the corner of the living room or a small nook within the home.

Either way, a home office can be as simple or as complex as you like, depending on how you’re using the space and how versatile it needs to be; for instance, perhaps your desk needs to double as a dining table.

In this article, we’ll show you how to decorate a home office, utilising clever design, colour and space along the way. For instance, perhaps multiple members of the family are using your home office at different times. Maybe Mum needs to use it to sketch on the weekends, the kids are doing homework at night and Dad is working from home a few days a week. In scenarios such as this, your home office will need to incorporate plenty of storage space as well as versatile styling to suit everyone’s tastes.

Read on to find out how to build a home office that will have you leaping off the couch and into your desk chair.

Use an inspiring print

Transport your imagination to an exotic location with a wild wall art print that reminds you of a far-off country or an exotic animal. Think prints like:

These vivid, attention-seeking prints will brighten up your spaces and bring some visual variation into your home office space. You’ll be surprised just how much difference even one print can make in your home. At Canvas Factory, we offer:

While metal and acrylic prints have a sleek, modern finish, canvas prints offer a more affordable option. Our wrapped canvas prints come in a high-quality finish and are delivered ready to hang; there’s no assembly required! All you need to do after you receive your print simply to decide where to place your print and add your hook!

Embrace minimalism

Luckily, when you’re considering how to decorate a home office, the process is far simpler than it used to be. Unlike in the past when we had to store chunky files in filing cabinets, most of our storage is digital. Unless you’re a photographer or an artist, all most of us needs is a laptop or computer, ample digital file storage or external hard drives and a few stationery items.

Therefore, it’s easier than ever to embrace a very simple, clutter-free home office design with a neutral colour palette. The key to creating more of a distinctive, unique look with a neutral colour scheme is adding texture.

how to decorate a home office

Simple Scandi style

Scandinavian style is simple on the surface but it’s not as easy to pull off as it looks. You can start with simple, minimal furniture and build on this base with a very simple colour scheme. Pops of peacock blue, lilac or yellow can add intrigue and keep your spaces feeling fresh.

how to decorate a home office colour

While more simplistic styles can be affordable, you do need to be smart and invest in multi-functional pieces that will last. If you feel your space is too monochrome or toned down, try adding a pop of colour within a wall display or a statement-making large floating frame.

Check out our blog for more advice on large custom canvas prints, which can make your home office space look stunning.

wall art desk

Use space creatively

If you’re spending a lot of time at your desk, you’ll want to ensure your space can be as flexible as possible. A wheeled desk can be moved around the room at will to suit the light at certain times of day, or for a different view. A wheeled desk base could help your entire workspace to be more flexible. Alternatively, your desk could double as a makeshift dining table.

You could even utilise a standing desk to create a more flexible workspace. Clever storage options can also include a pouffe which can have a triple function as a footstool, bookshelf or extra seat for a study friend.

tiny house desk

Define the mood and add inspiration

Pops of colour can impact your mood and inspire creativity. Bright colours like purple, yellow or pops of bright green can project an uplifting, joyful mood into your home office space.

A pinboard or wall art can be the inspiration you need to work harder or get creative. An inspiring quote can be the perfect written reminder to stay motivated. Ideas could be:

  • Motivating quotes
  • Quotes to help calm you
  • Energising quotes
  • Quotes to inspire creativity

The wall art you choose will depend on what kind of work you do at your desk. If you’re an architect, perhaps you want a blueprint of the first home you designed to remind you of your achievements. If you’re an aspiring fantasy novelist, perhaps you might want a wall art print with an inspiring illustration of a magical otherworldly scene to transport you into that world.

motivating quote home office

Add greenery

If you’re working long hours in your home office, you’ll need plenty of breaks and some greenery to brighten up your space. When considering how to decorate a home office, assess your space. Where is your space? How are you using it? If you’re not near any windows and you have only a small amount of natural light, chances are you may want some greenery to brighten up your space and help it feel more alive.

On the other hand, if your space is already near a balcony or the outdoors, you may want more structured pieces of décor to deepen your focus and help your space feel more like a place of work.

desk plants minimal

When you’re learning how to decorate a home office, keep in mind that you’ll need the perfect blend of comfort and style to create a place where you can feel centred and focused. And above all, your home office should be your personal space, unique to your personal preferences!

Wall art can help you personalise your spaces and make them feel more reflective of your personal style. Start browsing our enormous range of wall art to create your beautiful home office today.


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