15 Quick and Easy DIY Home Decor Tips

15 Quick and Easy DIY Home Decor Tips

DIY home decor is not for the faint of heart. If you’re nervous about taking on your own home decorating project or self-conscious about what others will think of your ideas, it’s best to go with a home decor expert. If, on the other hand, you enjoy DIY and you much prefer the idea of decorating your home with something you created yourself rather than lining your walls with other people’s ideas, then read on. These 22 tips are quick, easy, inexpensive and – most importantly – completely customisable so you can take the opportunity to reflect your personality in your home decor.

1. Ottoman

Diy Home Decor - Ottoman

By Infarrantly Creative

To create this super-comfy looking ottoman you will first need to locate a electric spool. What is an electric spool? We had no idea, but were keen to find out as the end result is so effective and, as it turns out, the whole project is quite simple.

2. Gold Leaf Candlestick

Diy Home Decor - Gold Leaf Candlesticks


The idea of this DIY home decor project is to turn old, ordinary candlesticks into a matching set of gold leaf candlesticks. The process involves sanding back, lacquering and applying gold leafing (luckily the tutorial goes into specifics). The brilliance of this project is that it will turn any eclectic collection of candlesticks into a matching set, regardless of their size, shape or height.

3. Vinyl Floor Tile

Diy Home Decor - Vinyl Floor Tile

By The Sweetest Digs

Looking at this stunning black and white tiled floor, you would never guess that this look was created using peel and stick vinyl squares, right? And what’s even more unbelievable is that the materials for this kitchen reno were so cheap that this particular example came in at $US 45.

4. Curtains

Diy Home Decor - Curtains

By Hey let’s make stuff

It probably goes without saying, but adding curtains to a room can totally change the look and feel of the space. Curtains aren’t cheap though, and having professionally-made curtains can easily run into the thousands. What most people don’t know, however, is that DIY curtains are surprisingly simple to make and can bring the cost down to simply the cost of the fabric. The added brilliance of DIY curtains is the sheer variety of fabrics, colours and styles that will be available once you start looking in a low-cost textile store.

5. Pom Pom Rug

Diy Home Decor - Pom Pom Rug

From Goods Home Design

There is no way we could do a feature on DIY projects without mentioning this pom pom rug. What we love about this project is that it’s something that the whole family can get involved with, and can easily be spread out over a period of time. What if everyone in the house (including visitors from time to time) was asked to make one pom pom immediately after dinner? The collection would grow quickly, and it wouldn’t take long before enough pom poms had been created.

6. Display Photos

Diy Home Decor - Canvas Prints

Nothing is more unique than yourself and your family. If you’re looking for a way to personalise your space and to bring some of your personal style into your living areas, one of the simplest tips is to display family photos. At Canvas Factory, this home decor project doesn’t have to take forever. Simply upload your favourite family photos and our clever and intuitive online tool will turn your photos into stunning wall display.

7. Indoor Herb Garden

Diy Home Decor - Wall Herb Garden

If you’re looking for an indoor home decor project to wow your visitors – and if cooking is a passion of yours – this indoor herb garden is a stunner. Not only does it look amazing and perfectly convey your love of cooking to the world, but how wonderful would it be to have your favourite fresh herbs available to you every time you create in the kitchen?

8. Nautical-Themed Rope Vase

Diy Home Decor - Rope Vase

By Bayside Bride

These rope vases are an easy project that provide almost instant gratification. You’ll just need old coffee cans or glass jars, hot glue, and your choice of rope to create these effective designs.

9. Striped Door

Diy Home Decor - Striped Door

By Oh Joy

Would you have guessed that this striped door was created using contact paper? This is as simple as simple can be, with the only difficulty being lining up the stripes perfectly. A diagonal pattern will help to space out any inconsistencies.

10. Glitter Letters Canvas

Diy Home Decor - Glitter Letters

By Hey Lauren Rene

This project literally starts off as a blank canvas, and can the be customised using any combination of letters and glitter colours as desired. The personalised glitter letters canvas would also be the perfect addition to a baby’s or child’s room – or even to announce the name of the family pet!

11. Pomander – ‘Flower Ball’

Diy Home Decor - Flower Ball

By Project Nursery

The pomander, or ‘flower ball’, has been around for centuries: made evident by the classic elegance that this photo exudes. This particular pomander project isn’t even made with ready-made artificial flowers as you may expect – the flowers have been created using a simple punch. We can just imagine how these DIY flower balls would look as wedding or bridal shower centrepieces.

12. Create Your Own Shelf

Diy Home Decor - Shelf

By Burkatron

Home decor doesn’t have to be solely aesthetic – it can be downright practical too. This easy rope shelf is the prime example of a DIY project that ticks all the boxes. It’s also the ideal way to showcase some of your other homemade creations – perhaps the flower ball above?

13. Re-imagined Lampshade

Diy Home Decor - Lampshade

By Pomp and Circumstance

Perhaps the underlying theme of many of these home decor projects is that the materials used are simpler or less expensive than may be expected. This re-imagined lampshade is a prime example, as the clever pattern has been created using little more than sticky tape!

14. Patchwork Wall

Diy Home Decor - Patchwork Wall

By Sawdust & Embryos

Unlike some of the others projects featured here, this one is intricate and time-consuming. The end result is so professional looking though that it could easily be worth the time and effort required to create this patchwork wall.

15. Terrarium Garden

Diy Home Decor - Terrarium Garden

By Mum’s Grapevine

We’ll round out this list with this DIY terrarium which is refreshingly simple to create. It seems that the trick to a successful terrarium is to choose the right succulents to house in it. The original blog also gives some fantastic variants on the standard terrarium, including a terrarium wedding favour, a fairy hideaway or even a dinosaur habitat.

If you’ve decided to include family photos in your home decor project, or if you’ve got a favourite poem or quote that would round out your personal space perfectly, click here to effortlessly create what you need at Canvas Factory.


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