Off the Wall: Photo Prints In Unexpected Places

Off the wall photo prints

In interior design, there are plenty of subtle facets that can take a designer years or even decades to understand and master. But there are also fundamental forces that are more basic and more powerful, and these fundamentals form the foundation of any design. One of those fundamental forces is the tension between the expected and the unexpected – that jolt of excitement you feel when you see something traditional used in an untraditional way, or when your expectations are confounded.

This tension is a powerful tool and can be used to improve any design, no matter how big the home or how low the renovation budget. All it takes is creative ideas that take familiar aspects of any room design and turn them on their head. One easy way to harness this powerful tension is by taking your wall art – whether that’s photos prints on canvas, glass, or metal – and taking it off the wall. Here are a few quick ideas to get you started.

Off the Wall: Canvas Photo Prints

The simplest, easiest way to surprise people is to take your gallery-quality canvas prints of your own photos or art work and arrange them on the floor, leaning against walls and furniture instead of hanging them. Everyone expects to see these pieces on the walls in careful arrangements, and the casual leaning all over the room gives it a ‘shabby-chic’ feel. It implies that you have great taste but you’re not fussy, and it makes the whole room feel more relaxed and more dynamic, as if anything could happen. It also encourages people to reach out and touch the print on canvas, especially if you layer them by leaning several against each other around the room. This adds a tactile aspect to your design as they experience the texture of the material and the weight of each piece.

Off the Wall: Prints on Metal

Metal prints have the advantage of being durable and inflexible, making them ideal for use in a variety of ways. Instead of simply hanging them on the wall to collect dust, consider using them as table tops or panels in furniture. Removing a wooden panel from a cabinet door and replacing it with a stunning print on metal is unexpected and beautiful, and using a series of related prints in various unexpected ways throughout the room will tie everything together in a surprising way that will encourage your visitors to let their eyes roam, seeking new surprises.

Off the Wall: Acrylic Glass Prints

Having your acrylic glass prints arranged on shelving or on top of other furniture – especially pieces that bring the prints to eye level – brings a wonderful three-dimensional effect to your room. Instead of everything being flat against the wall, the prints can be arranged in layers going backwards and forwards in space, and the glossy surface of the pieces reflecting the light in different ways will add to this effect.

Sometimes the secret to great design is thinking of the one thing you never questioned – and questioning it. If putting your photo prints on the wall is just the way it’s always done, it’s time to think beyond that. When you’re ready to think outside that box, click here and we’ll be happy to help!