Tasteful Canvas Prints of Yourself

tasteful canvas prints of yourself

In films and television shows, one of the simplest ways they can hint to the audience that a character is extremely self-involved and arrogant is to show them with a huge portrait-style painting of themselves hanging on the wall. Usually there’s a costume of some sort involved, making them look like a Roman Caesar or Napoleon.

Unfortunately, this is the common fear that people have when they consider using photos of themselves processed through a canvas printing service as part of their room’s design. Canvas prints of yourself can be a fun and effective part of your design aesthetic, but it’s easy to do it wrong and come off looking a bit self-involved. However there’s also a way to make prints of your own portraits without bringing up those negative connotations – if you know how.

Tip 1: Have Fun

The best piece of advice you’ll get regarding using canvas prints of yourself on your walls is to never take it too seriously. If the photos you choose have a fun style, a casual and self-deprecating pose and sensibility, then no one can accuse you of being a bit too pleased with yourself. With a winking acknowledgement that hanging photos of yourself everywhere is a bit outrageous, you turn it into a sly joke that everyone can be part of, defusing any criticism of an excess of self-regard.

Self portrait canvas prints

Tip 2: Go Artsy

If you’re going to use photos of yourself on your walls, go all the way. Choosing sloppy, amateurish photos might seem like the right way to defuse any accusations of arrogance on your art, but really all you’re doing is putting poor photos on your walls. Instead, choose photos that have a lot of artistic merit, or arrange to have some taken. Removing the fact that you are the subject of these photos, they have to be part of the decor of the room or they will simply detract from it. Embrace them as pieces of art that just happen to have you as their subject.

Canvas prints of selfies

Tip 3: Don’t Overdo It

Finally, remember that there’s a limit to what you can get away with. One very cool photo of yourself turned into an awesome custom canvas print? Very cool if placed in the right spot. Ten in the same room starts to look like a shrine to yourself – and that’s never going to be a very successful interior design plan for your room.

In the end, it’s your home, and your rooms, and if you want to include photos of yourself on the walls, go for it! Just be prepared to suffer the slings and arrows of friends and family who might have some jokes to make about the decision. And when you’ve got the right photos of yourself ready to turn into awesome canvas prints, click right here and we’ll make you look good, guaranteed.