Makeover Magic: 31 Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Makeover Magic: 31 Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Discover master bedroom decorating ideas that will help make your world a better place to live.

A few years ago Admiral William McRaven gave an inspirational speech that went viral where he said earnestly “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

Essentially, the idea is that the act of making the bed immediately gives you one thing in a day that you’re in control of – something you’ve achieved even before leaving the house. It also means that, when you return home after the end of a long day, you can truly enjoy the experience of having an attractive, comfortable room you can be proud of.

It sounds so little, but it’s actually quite a big act of self love. Same goes with bedroom interior design.

Creating a main bedroom you’re happy to come home to is more than just about making the bed, but it’s also very much about making the bed.

These makeover ideas cover magical inspiration for bedheads, beds, bedspreads, wall art, flooring, curtains, ornaments, lighting and pillows. Ready to makeover your bedroom – and your life?

Beautiful Bedheads

Where once a beautiful bedroom was all about choosing the right bedcover, contemporary interior design has now extended to being creative with bedheads.

From store bought to DIY, bedheads are no longer simply a case of choosing between timber or leather. Today, the myriad of options is endless.

From boho to glam to rustic, these options below will inspire you to rethink the bedhead.

1. Layer A Rug

By Amber Interior Design

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Layer A Rug

2. Soft and Velvety Headboard

By Place Of My Taste

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Soft And Velvety Headboard
3. Reclaimed Wood Headboard

By Aka Design

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Dreamy Beds

Anyone who’s been bed or mattress shopping in recent years knows the sheer amount of choice available – and how mind boggling that can be. Before heading out to buy a new bed, there are a few things to keep in mind.

a. Know the size of your bedroom
b. Decide on a budget
c. Choose a theme

As soon as you understand these fundamentals you can then go out and have some fun discovering a variety of styles, materials, heights and qualities.

The ideas below provide some food for thought. Do you want something fresh and cosy? Do you want something plush and Parisian? Or do you want something classy and understated?

4. Blue And White Cozy Bed

By Hello Allison Blog

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Blue And White Cozy Bed
5. Parisian Chic Queen Sized Bed

By Bows And Sequins

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Parisian Chic Queen Sized Bed
6. Modern Grey Tufted Bed

By Kelley Nan

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Modern Gray Tufted Bed
Charming Bedspreads

When it comes to choosing a bedspread, the world is your oyster. Whether you love to browse shops or browse online, the variety available is so exciting it can become incredibly hard to choose.

Consider the type of person you are. Do you want to make your bed in 5 minutes tops? Or are you content spending a few more minutes each day to focus on those flourishes?

Then choose accordingly.

It doesn’t matter if you want something minimalist or flamboyant, these ideas can be as simple or as complex as you like. Want something simple? Limit the cushions, but enjoy a throw. Want something fancy? Go mad with layers.

7. Soft White Bedding

By Styled With Lace

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Soft White Bedding
8. Layers Of Different Textures

By 2 Ladies & A Chair

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Layers Of Different Textures
9. Black and White Dots Throw Blanket

By The Diy Playbook

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Black And White Dots Throw Blanket
Thoughtful Bedside Tables

No matter how cheap or expensive your bedside table is, the hardest thing is keeping them equally practical and attractive.

Below we explore some ways to create a look that will transform your master bedroom from dull or cluttered to elegant and refined, using books, lamps, flowers and other accessories.

10. Style It With Books And Lamp

By Liz Marie Blog

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Style It With Books And Lamp
11. Use Fresh Flowers

By oh.eight.oh.nine

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Use Fresh Flowers

12. Decorate With Accessories

By Yesterdays Sweetheart

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Decorate With Accessories
Wonderful Wall Art

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” – Juan Montoya

Every master bedroom should feature a focal point, something striking the eye is instantly drawn to. However, often it’s tricky – particularly if it’s a relatively small space – to design something eye-catching.

If you don’t have something obvious like a fireplace or a view, or even something less lavish like a statement bed or bedhead, wall art is your friend.

Use family, wedding or travel photos to create a stunning work of photo art or select a statement mirror, shelf or wall hanging.

13. Split Image Canvas Photo Print

By Canvas Factory

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Split Image Canvas

14. Decorative Mirror

By A Blissful Nest

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Decorative Mirror
15. Woven Wall Hanging

By Almost Makes Perfect

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Woven Wall Hanging
16. Unique Round Shelf

By Design Love Fest

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Unique Round Shelf
Fabulous Flooring

Rug shopping can be one of the most fun and one of the most frustrating experiences. The key is knowing without question the size options available to you, so before doing anything, measure up your room, measure up your bed and think through all the myriad options. Draw it on a piece of paper if you need to.

Keep in mind a bedroom rug doesn’t have to take up the entire space of a room or the entire space under a bed. You can have a bed partly on, partly off a rug if you need to. You can also use two rugs in a bedroom to add a mix of styles and textures.

These days you can even mix the classic Persian style rug with a contemporary faux fur rug. It’s truly a case of thinking outside the square!

17. Persian Style Rug

By Sarah Sherman Samuel

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Persian Style Rug

18. White Sheepskin Rug

By Randi Garrett Design

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - White Sheepskin Rug

19. Moroccan Wool Rug

By Left And Level

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Moroccan Wool Rug

Captivating Curtains

When it comes to curtains, it can be tempting to choose patterns that are bright, colourful and gregarious – florals, stripes, geometric shapes.

However, in bedroom interior design, curtains aren’t meant to be used as a focal point. They’re meant to complement rather than dominate.

Use single colour curtains and even neutrals and stones to create a contemporary look. These ideas below should spark some ideas, showing how understated curtains can be captivating.

20. Grey Curtains With Bamboo Shades

By Crazy Wonderful

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Grey Curtains With The Bamboo Shades

21. Long Beige Curtains

By Amber Interior Design

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Long Beige Curtains

22. Grid Pattern Curtains

By Little Green Notebook

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Grid Pattern Curtains

Enticing Ornaments

Turn a spartan bedroom into a sensational place to be using ornaments that speak to your personality.

Whether it’s a touch of gold or something more thematic, strategic use of ornaments will accent your personal space – transforming it into somewhere you love to be.

23. Touch Of Gold

By A Beautiful Mess

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Touch Of Gold

24. Silver Accents

By 12th + White

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Silver Accents

25. Starfish Bottles

By Me & Mr. Jones

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Starfish Bottles

Exquisite Chandeliers

Chandeliers have come a long way in recent decades. They are no longer defined by countless shimmering lights and crystals. Today, chandeliers can be as old fashioned or as contemporary as your imagination allows.

These ideas below highlight the range of choice now available to home decorators.

26. Oversized Chandelier

By Lark & Linen

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Oversized Chandelier

27. Beaded Chandelier

By The Ivory Lane

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Beaded Chandelier

28. Rustic Chandelier

By DIY Mommy

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Rustic Chandelier

Pleasing Pillows

When it comes to master bedroom interior design, you can never have enough pillows. As long as you have a bedhead, you can prop as many pillows as you like onto your bed.

Kick them off at night or snuggle into them. Either way, they’re a must-have and will take your bedroom interior to that next level.

It may take you longer to make your bed in the morning, but you will come home – at the end of a long day – to a space that is beautifully and all yours.

29. Hoof Prints Pillows

By For The Love Of Fancy

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Hoof Print Pillows

30. Custom Roman Numeral Date Pillow

By Our Vintage Nest

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Custom Roman Numeral Date Pillow

31. Furry & Knit Pink Pillows

By The House Of Hood Blog

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Furry And Knit Pink Pillows


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