Choosing the Right Photographer for Your Art Prints

Whatever your goals in taking a formal photo for a canvas art gallery, there’s no dishonour in admitting when you’re above your pay grade. Whether it’s rambunctious kids who don’t understand why you want them to sit still in a weird pose while wearing their Church Clothes or unruly pets that start wrestling each other or leaping about in excitement whenever you try to get that perfect shot, the leap from idea to photo to canvas prints is often rocky – and sometimes cries out for a professional. While we have the technology to take great photos in our pockets, and the knowledge about composition and light is out there in the Internet, sometimes you want someone just for their wrangling skills. When your canvas art is beyond your reach and you decide to hire someone, there are plenty of aspects to consider – but the overarching concern should be getting the right photographer for the job.

Wall Art Goal: Children

Children are the future, and we love them, but they can turn your hair white when you need them to sit still for more than five seconds. Arranging a family portrait seems like it should be easy: Get everyone groomed, dress them up in appropriate outfits, and keep them clean for just a few minutes. The reality is that after an hour of constant yelling your photos are not canvas art-worthy.


The most important consideration when selecting a photographer for your family portrait is making sure the photographer has experience with children. Plenty of photographers advertise ‘family portraiture’ but when they arrive they stare at your kids like they have horns growing out of their heads. If the photographer is good with children, you’ll almost certainly get a grand photo.

Wall Art Goal: Pets

Photographing pets is more difficult than children for two reasons: Pets don’t understand your threats, and pets don’t care if their photo is taken or not. The number of times your cat gets up and walks out of the frame just as you snap the shutter on the greatest pet photo ever is always equal to the number of times you attempt to take the photo.


Finding a photographer that specialises in pets can be a challenge, but they are out there. You main consideration is that they make house calls. While a dog can often be easily transported to a studio, they also tend to get excited in a new place and may be difficult to control. And other pets, like cats, will often be in a very bad mood when stuffed into a carrier and transported. A photographer who can come to the house and spend some time letting the animals get used to them will be able to capture some stunning canvas-worthy photos in a short amount of time.

The secret to great, wall art-ready photos is often your inspiration or emotional link to the pictures – but just as often the professional quality of the photos themselves. If you have a specific concept in mind that is a little outside of your comfort zone, hiring a pro is sometimes the only answer – but then the final verdict on your canvas prints depends entirely on the pro you hire and their suitability to the job. When you’ve chosen your pro and gotten the results you wanted, click here and let another set of professionals turn that photo into an amazing piece of wall art!