Nest To Impress: 32 Nursery Ideas Worth Staying Up For

Nest To Impress: 32 Nursery Ideas Worth Staying Up For

Nurseries are for babies, right? Wrong. They’re also for Mums, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunties, Brothers, Sisters. So are you ready to nest to impress?

When designing a baby room, of course it’s important to think about baby, but it’s also vital to think about yourself and your needs.

After 50 days of night feeds, is that owl tree wall sticker mural eventually going to annoy you rather than soothe you? Is that big butterfly clock going to loudly tick, tick, tick until you want to throw it out the window?

Convinced? These 32 nursery ideas – designer, contemporary, classic, budget and DIY – are totally worth staying up for. Be inspired to create a nursery space that will bring much joy not only to baby, but to yourself – and ease the very real pain that is sleep deprivation.


Not all of us can afford such luxuries, but we can dream right?

Be dazzled by pink and gold extravagance, inspired by Parisian delights and lost in a dreamy or totally white escape. Glam it up with a wall mural to trump all wall murals or add a nautical twist with a boat inspired crib.

1. Extravagance

From Project Nursery.

Nursery Ideas - Extravagant

2. Parisian

From Farwell And Nest.

Nursery Ideas - Parisian

3. Dreamy

From Spearmint Baby.

Nursery Ideas - Dreamy

4. Cribtastic

From Life Lutzurious.

Nursery Ideas - Nursery

5. Totally White

From Inspired By This.

Nursery Ideas - White

6. Glam

From Style BY Emily Henderson.

Nursery Ideas - Acrylic


Today’s interior designers love to push the boundaries and these ideas below epitomise some of the cutting-edge baby room creations currently inspiring new parents.

The blackboard is such an easy, but exciting addition. Watch your baby grow until they too can make their mark. Meanwhile, it’s a lot of fun for anyone who visits. Mums can write poetry (or solve maths equations) by night while Grandpa writes jokes by day.

If you’re after something a little more picture perfect, be wowed by organic, chevron, rustic and Scandinavian delights. If you want to make a unique statement – something to keep the siblings and Dads happy – add a modern teepee, a swing or an entire Star Wars theme.

7. Eclectic

From Fawn Over Baby.

Nursery Ideas - Eclectic

8. Organic

From Inspired By This.

Nursery Ideas - Organic

9. Chevron

From Project Nursery.

Nursery Ideas - Chevron

10. Tee Pee

From Fawn Over Baby.

Nursery Ideas - Teepee

11. Rustic

From The Life Of Two Texans.

Nursery Ideas - Rustic

12. Scandi

From Petit&Small.

Nursery Ideas - Scandi

13. Star Wars

From Sticks On A Plane.

Nursery Ideas - Star Wars

14. Swing

From 70 Percent Pure.

Nursery Ideas - Swing


As you can see below, classic interior design doesn’t mean boring it simply means there is order, balance and harmony.

The use of primary colours is perfect for classic style interior design, bringing bolds and brights to the fore – a winner for kids and adults alike.

For something more restrained, but certainly not dull ‘King Of The Castle’ and ‘Up Up And Away’ will steal hearts and minds as will anything with animals. Start telling your classic story now.

15. King Of The Castle

From Made By Mood.

Nursery Ideas - Nursery

16. Colourful

From Raising Miss Matilda.

Nursery Ideas - Colourful

17. Up Up And Away

From Giggle Hearts.

Nursery Ideas - Travel

18. Wild

From Project Nursery.

Nursery Ideas - Wild

19. Circus

From Sweet Little Nursery.

Nursery Ideas - Circus

20. Welcome To The Jungle

From Style Estate.

Nursery Ideas - Jungle


After something more affordable? Don’t despair. These design hacks below will also blow your mind. The magical moon cradle starts from $199. Can you believe it?

IKEA scores a special mention of course with mini furniture and closet-free shelving – two wonderful ideas. Get some more storage tips from Casa De Lewis with a sweet library and Her Family with a vintage chest of drawers.

21. Moon Crib

From 1001 Pallets.

Nursery Ideas - Moon Crib

22. Mini Furniture

From Mommo design.

Nursery Ideas - Mini Furniture

23. No Closet

From My Domain.

Nursery Ideas - No Closet

24. Cushions

From Etsy.

Nursery Ideas - Cushions

25. Library

From Casa De Levis.

Nursery Ideas - Library

26. Vintage

From Her Family.

Nursery Ideas - Old Furniture


It’s easy to get carried away with DIY and that’s why we love it so much, but if you’re after something super simple to decorate a nursery then you can’t go past a DIY art print care of yours truly, Canvas Factory. How gloriously surreal is this elephant balloon piece?

Build your own canopy corner, create your own starry night, construct some swing shelves and craft together an animal zoo or tissue mobile. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which to choose to make first!

27. Glass Art Print

From The Canvas Factory.

Nursery Ideas - Baby Shower Gift - Elephant

28. Canopy Corner

From Winter Daisy.

Nursery Ideas - Canopy

29. Starry Night

From Pinlavie.

Nursery Ideas - Starry Night

30. Swing Shelves

From Garden Therapy.

Nursery Ideas - Swing Shelves

31. Animal Zoo

From Buzzfeed.

Nursery Ideas - Animal Zoo

32. Tissue Mobile

From Just Bella.

Nursery Ideas - Tissue Mobile


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