Five arty gift ideas guaranteed to surprise and impress your Valentine

All you need is love. Yeah right. If that were true, none of us would experience any anxiety around Valentine’s Day.

We’d wake up on February 14, tell our special someone we love them, shower them with kisses and get on with our day. Sounds like a great start to the morning, doesn’t it?

Crunch time would come at the end of the day when you arrive home minus a gift. Your partner feels rejected, dejected and you’re suddenly in the bad books.

It turns out love isn’t all you need. You curse The Beatles for giving you a false sense of security.

Thankfully, there is another way to prove to that special someone you love them and it’s quick, easy and impressive.

A gift of wall art, whether it’s canvas, acrylic or aluminium, is a beautiful way to express a broad range of sentiments from the romantic to the comical.

Here are five arty gift ideas guaranteed to surprise and impress your Valentine:

1. Gift a photo print from the day you first said ‘I love you’

While it’s important your photo is high enough in resolution to create a beautiful print, this particular idea is less about finding the perfectly crafted photo and more about finding the perfectly timed photo.

Say I love you with wall art - lovers drawing in sand

The trick is to make sure it’s genuine. If the photo is from months after that special day or even the day after, it’s not going to work. In fact, if that very quandary ends up causing a heated debate, it may very well backfire.

Pulling this idea off relies on a good memory. If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to suss it out with your loved one first. Talking about the day you said ‘I love you’ will raise no suspicions. In fact, reflecting on such moments will enhance intimacy and only get you in the good books.

Once you’ve selected your photo, print it on canvas. Size doesn’t matter, but should be commensurate with the quality of the photo. If the photo is a selfie of you both at the local pub, select a smaller canvas size. If the photo is of a spectacular mountain view, select a larger canvas size.

2. Gift a collage of your most precious ‘together moments’

Select a series of 5-8 of your most significant moments together (e.g. beach holiday, engagement party, wedding day, honeymoon holiday, birth of first child, birth of second child).

Say I love you with wall art - new baby

This idea is easy if you’re the one behind the camera or have access to where all the photos are stored.

You can customise your collage on canvas and select a ‘love’ theme – it’s a wonderful way to remember those special moments every day, beyond Valentine’s Day.

3. Gift a spectacular acrylic glass print of your wedding day

Select the ‘hero’ shot from your wedding day album – this is the often the largest photo that appears in your photo album or it’s the one your partner loves the most (perhaps it’s been their Facebook profile photo!).

Get access to the original high quality digital file, hop online and use it to create a custom print in acrylic glass at 75 x 50cm.

Both the acrylic glass and aluminium prints convey a sense of sophistication ideally suited to professional wedding photos – and bigger is beautiful on Valentine’s Day!

Say I love you with wall art - married couple smiling on beach

4. Gift a canvas print featuring their passion

If you want to show your loved one that you know who they are and what they love to do most in life – whether it’s a hobby, a sport or a favourite food – this is the gift to win them over.

Say I love you with wall out - coffee love heart

Everyone has a passion. The trick with this gift is to find the perfect image to match that passion and you can do that by browsing and searching our stock library of photos. Just avoid getting sprung while you’re browsing!

Simply select your artwork, select a size and order away. To buy straight away, click on images below. Thoughtful can be quick too!

Say I love you with wall out - pink crochet love heart

5. A collage print of you and your partner pulling funny faces

This one’s not for the workplace office wall! This is more for the home office or craft room. It’s fun, entertaining and will provide some serious laughter.

Say I love you with wall art - couple poking funny faces

Gather up all those photos you haven’t posted on Facebook (overshare alert!) and you haven’t yet printed – funny photos only the two of you have enjoyed – and create a collage of comedy gold!

To love is to laugh. This gift will guarantee that both love and laughter ensues.

This Valentine’s Day, hold onto those precious moments. Hold on to the one you love.