40 of the Funniest Photos Online

40 of the Funniest Photos Online

What did people used to do to procrastinate before the Internet? Did anyone actually have a book stashed under their desk so that they could read a few pages between work projects? Or maybe they made unnecessary phone calls or, if they worked in an office, perhaps they visited their colleagues’ desks or the lunchroom. Whatever methods people used to use to procrastinate in days gone by, there is a growing number of people these days who procrastinate by scrolling through the funniest photos online. We were procrastinating earlier (it is the holiday season, after all) and ended up sending so many hilarious photos back and forth that we decided to compile them for your viewing pleasure. Here we present some of the funniest photos we found online!

1. ‘Unofficial’ Movie Poster

Funniest Photos - Movie Poster

From CollegeHumor

The story goes that a movie cinema in Shanghai accidentally downloaded a fan-made spoof poster for Thor 2 instead of the real thing, and even though the image is clearly bizarre, no one seemed to notice and they ran with it anyway. Perhaps with this movie poster on display it attracted a slightly different audience than Thor 2 normally would have…

2. The Sewing Machine, UPS Truck and the Prom

Funniest Photos - Sewing Machine

From Know Your Meme

This image has been circulating for years, and people swear that it’s not Photoshopped. It’s just inexplicable.

3. Tops are a Waste of Money

Funniest Photos - Tops

From Madame Noire

Why bother wearing a top when you can simply hike up your skirt?

4. Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Funniest Photos - Sunday

From The Berry

Most of us can identify with this feeling.

5. Firestarting Hound


View post on imgur.com

Who needs matches?

6. Excuse Me, What Balls?

Funniest Photos - Balls From CollegeHumor

Well now, that’s just unfortunate.

7. Not-So-Stock Photo

Funniest Photos - Stock Photo Funniest Photos - Stock PhotoFrom CollegeHumor

This guy Photoshops himself into stock photos. He’s got the best sense of humour!

8. ‘Can You Please…’ Make This Photo More Congratulatory?

Funniest Photos - Photoshop From CollegeHumor

This is what happens when you ask trolls to make edits to your photos.

9. ‘Can You Please…’ Hide My Socks?

Funniest Photos - SocksFunniest Photos - Socks

From CollegeHumor

Another example of someone who clearly didn’t know what they were getting themselves into when they asked a troll to edit their photo.

10. ‘Can You Please…’ Add a Train?

Funniest Photos - Train
From CollegeHumor

Probably not what this guy intended.

11. ‘Can You Please…’ Make us Look More Comfortable?

Funniest Photos - Soother

Funniest Photos - Soother

From CollegeHumor

Much better.

12. ‘Can You Please…’ Give Me More Style?

Funniest Photos - Style
From CollegeHumor

His facial expression sets it off perfectly.

13. The Only Comfortable Place

Funniest Photos - Cat From Reddit

Of course we have to include some cat pics in this list – this one found the only comfortable place in the house.

14. Bye Bye Balloon


View post on imgur.com


15. Leg Day

Funniest Photos - Leg Day From DUMPa Day

It takes a few days to get over it.

16. Sauna

Funniest Photos - Sauna From DUMPa Day

Apparently this sauna leaves little to the imagination.

17. Double Take

Funniest Photos - Double Take From Raz’s World

Let me check if we’ve got it in your size.

18. Ignorance is Bliss

Funniest Photos - Ignorance From The Berry

Sometimes it’s best to just not know.

19. Hot Foot

Funniest Photos - Hot Foot From No Way Girl

Either those mugs are empty or Mr. Burbank has got a scalding hot foot right now.

20. Never Again

Funniest Photos - Six Flags

From Imgur

This guy didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

21. One is Not Impressed

Funniest Photos - Face From Huffington Post

We have to admit we don’t understand it either.

22. Regret

Funniest Photos - Regret From World Wide Interweb

That last crust isn’t going to eat itself.

23. Deal With It

Funniest Photos - Baby From Wonderslist

Michelin baby doesn’t care what you think.

24. The Ultimate Excuse

Funniest Photos - Excuse From Smosh

No self-respecting teacher would ever believe that.

25. Henpecked


View post on imgur.com

Guys… would you just please give me a minute?

26. Say ‘Ahh’


View post on imgur.com

So you swallowed a tennis ball…

27. It’s Gotta Be Crispy

Funniest Photos - Crispy From CollegeHumor This movie sounds delicious!

28. Day at the Pool

View post on imgur.com

“Tell me the truth: is my tummy too furry? Do you think I should wear a one piece? Maybe a sarong?”

29. ‘Occupied!’

Funniest Photos - Occupied

From DUMPa Day

30. Little Help?

Funniest Photos - Help

From DUMPa Day

One smart remark and this will turn out badly for everyone.

31. Fashion

Funniest Photos - Fashion

From DUMPa Day

Parents (and the Police, it seems) just don’t understand high fashion.

32. Baked

Funniest Photos - Baked

From RazMTax

Popular on university campuses everywhere.


33. Picking

Funniest Photos - Picking

From The Berry

How many fingers can he actually get up there?

34. Parent-Teacher Conference


Funniest Photos - Parent Teacher Conference

From No Way Girl

He’s in for a good talking to.

35. Wig, Hoodie

Funniest Photos - WigFrom No Way Girl

Who says there’s a specific head-wig-hoodie order that must be followed?

36. Feeling It

Funniest Photos - Guy

From Imgur

This guy’s in the zone.

37. Shh

Funniest Photos - Roller Coaster

From Mighty Lists

‘You’re all being so rude. I can’t hear!’

38. What Has Been Seen…

Funniest Photos - Cell Phone

From Reddit

… can never been unseen.

39. Staying at Grandma’s

Funniest Photos - Pajamas

By Andrewix

She’s always happy to help.

40. Wishes

Funniest Photos - Wishes

By First we Feast

You and me both, kid. You and me both.

We hope you enjoyed these 40 hilarious photos: we certainly had a great time putting them together for you! If any of these in particular made you laugh, consider creating a delightful canvas print to keep you smiling all year long.


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