28 Cool & Collected Bathroom Decorating Ideas

28 Cool & Collected Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Given it’s such a tiny space, we sure spend a lot of time in our bathrooms don’t we? We can go weeks without venturing into our home office or our stylish sitting room, but we visit a bathroom multiple times a day.

Which is why it’s surprising how easy it is to forget about making it a nicer space to enjoy!

Keen to transform your bathroom from something merely functional into something extra special? These cool and collected bathroom decorating ideas will inspire.

Stylish Bathroom Makeovers

If you’re totally sick of your old tired bathroom and believe it’s due for a complete renovation, these bathroom makeovers are a wonderful place to start for some stylish ideas.

There’s nothing like a ‘before and after’ to truly show you what’s possible and these cool grey and timber stylings, featured below, don’t disappoint. Alternatively, browse through the ‘after’ shots to discover the latest trends in bathroom design.

1. Retro Style

By Jenott Design

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Retro Style
2. Cool Grey

By Change Your Bathroom

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Cool Gray
3. Chic Makeover

By Place Of My Taste

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Chic Makeover

4. Farmhouse Industrial Renovation

By Cherised Bliss

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Farmhouse Industrial Renovation

5. Rustic Reveal

By Shades Of Blue Interiors

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Rustic Reveal

6. Nice And Simple

By Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Nice And Simple

Cool Contemporary

Contemporary design simply means what’s hot now. And what’s hot is quite eclectic which is great news as it caters to a range of different tastes. So whether you have a passion for elaborate, plush finishes or prefer minimalist fresh stylings, they’ll be something here that will provide food for thought.

An acrylic glass spit image wall display will add something extra cool to a fresh white bathroom interior design. The wonderful thing about acrylic is it trumps both canvas and glass, giving you the opportunity to decorate your bathroom. Unlike canvas, acrylic glass is resistant to the steamy, wet environment and unlike glass. it won’t shatter dangerously.

7. Contemporary High Rise

By Tom Stringer

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Contemporary High Rise

8. Acrylic Glass Photo Prints

By Canvas Factory

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Glass Photo Print

9. Majestic Marble

By Style And Minimalism

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Marble White
10. Natural Elements

By H20 Bungalow

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Natural Elements

11. Light And Airy

By Moon Architect And Builder

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Light And Airy

12. Timber Trimmings

By Arent & Pyke

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Highly Contemporary

A Nod To Tradition

The great news about bathroom design is that you can completely revamp an interior without sacrificing a home’s ambience. It’s always a bit strange to walk through a classic old-style home to discover a contemporary bathroom that feels bizarrely out of place.

But it’s a simple fix.

You can still enjoy all the flash finishes, but you instead simply give a bit of nod to tradition. Whether it’s glamorous marble, sparking chandeliers, floral accents or timber trimmings, it’s possible to have a new bathroom that fits in well with all that you hold dear.

13. Modern Classic

By Carriage Lane Designs

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Modern Classic

14. Wood Floors And White Wainscoting

By Katherine Pelz Architecture

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Wood Floors And White Wainscoting
15. Old Classic

By Classy Clutter

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Classic Look

16. Timeless Twist

By Sqft Interior Design

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Timeless Look

It’s All About The Tiling

While history gave us intricate mosaics, modern tiling – with all its cost-cutting – stripped tile design right back and gave us the big plain white tile. We’ve been making do with it for years now, sometimes adding pizzazz with a feature tile here and there.

Now creative tiling is experiencing a comeback with slick urban stylings, retro revivals and bling bling bling as far as the eye can see. This exciting bling tile is small, shiny and colourful. Embrace it! It’s a lot of fun.

17. Diamond Marble Mosaic Backsplash

By Centsational Girl

Bathroom Decorating Ideas -Diamond Marble Mosaic Backsplash


18. Turquoise Tiles

By Auhaus

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Turquoise Tiles

19. White Gold Mosaic Wall

By Kia Designs

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - White Gold Mosaic Wall

20. Vintage Tiles

By Mia’s Interior

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Vintage Tiles

21. Retro Tiles

By Kelle Contine

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Retro Tiles

Terrific Timber Accents

Mix a little bit of classic with a little bit of contemporary and you get a whole lot of wonderful with timber and white working together in gorgeous harmony.

Add something rustic and romantic to an otherwise austere white bathroom design. Use timber in vanity units, cabinets or simply just mirror frames. It will add warmth, heart and homeliness.

22. Timber Vanity

By Bombora Custom Furniture

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Timber Vanity
23. Fresh And Simple

By Kyal And Kara

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Fresh And Simple
24. Modern Twist

By Dan Gayfer Design

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Modern Twist
25. Timber Elegance

By Christine Sheldon Design

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Timber Elegance
Best Baths Ever!

Baths are back and they’re bigger and more beautiful than ever! All you need is space. That’s the catch! But if you have the space you’ll be the envy of everyone who visits because they will know how much joy and relaxation that bath brings you. Try these ones on for size. Bliss bath bombs. Yes!

26. Sensational Stone

From Design Addicts Platform

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Stone

27. Minimalist Magic

By Julian Guthrie

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Minimalism
28. Quirky Fun

By Pulp Design Studios

Bathroom Decorating Ideas - Glamour With Touches Of Quirky Fun


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