9 Remarkable Living Room Wall Art Ideas

9 Remarkable Living Room Wall Art Ideas

No one likes a bare wall, but at the same time, you don’t want to fill your walls with pictures that don’t speak to you. These living room wall art ideas will add personality and interest to your spaces!

No matter how your home is decorated you’re bound to have bare wall space, especially above the couch, dining room, or the television.

First, think about how you use your living areas. Do you entertain lots of guests every weekend? Is it a place for family time? Being creative? Or is your living room the place where you just like to relax and chill out? Ideally, your wall art should reflect the mood you want to convey.

We’ve compiled these living room wall art ideas to get you inspired and spur you into action. So, get reading and start decorating!

1. Colourful abstract painting

What wall art do you get when you don’t know what to get? Abstract art is the answer! Abstract art is sure to suit any space, and it can be interpreted according to the audience, so it’s always sure to be a people pleaser!

You can choose your art easily just based on colour. All you need to do is match your art to one colour in your room. Otherwise, match your general colour scheme to the theme of your home.

For instance, if your home has a natural theme, find abstract art in similar earthy colours. If your home is more coastal in blue and green tones, use that colour palette.

living room wall art ideas

2. A 3D graphic illustration

Using high-impact wall art is the perfect living room wall art idea. It can add character quicker than anything else and bring your room to life. You can either opt for a simple black-and-white 3D wall art hanging or go all-out with a colourful 3D wall art piece.

living room wall art ideas

3. Hang a portrait

If you’re looking for living room wall art ideas that are a little more personal, why not hang a portrait (or two) in your living room? There are so many creative ways to do this. You could:

  • Print supersized portraits in black and white
  • Use a photo editor like Lightroom or even Canva to add special effects to your portraits and turn them into creative artworks. In Canva, you can apply the Duotone filters and turn your portraits into creative colourful artworks
  • Run a creative photoshoot on the weekend and use props to create fun portraits. This also makes a great weekend activity!

4. Geometric Wall Art

If you’re looking for modern wall art that is going to stand out, geometric wall art is perfect for you! Geometric wall art is typically characterised by bright, bold colours, dramatic patterns, and modern shapes.

It’s one of the best living room wall art ideas for modern spaces, or spaces with a minimalistic colour scheme that needs a boost of bold colour and personality. If you still don’t want a colourful print, there are plenty of geometric prints in black and white or greyscale for a more subtle look.

5. Stack up mini prints

When you think of wall art ideas for the living room, you often think of a dramatic, large-scale piece of wall art, but this doesn’t always need to be the case. Instead, why not create a large wall art display from several smaller prints?

You could use square grid canvas prints in our 30 x 30cm size in a 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 formation. Then, simply choose a theme and select your prints in our easy-to-use order template.

gallery wall

6. Add wall art in a unique shape

Are you looking for living room wall art ideas that are a little different? Instead of going for the token rectangular wall art print, try something more unique!

We have wall art prints in a range of unique shapes, so you can truly bring your personality to your space! Try any of the following:

  • A heart-shaped acrylic print to commemorate a special time with a loved one, or your favourite wedding photo. This also makes a great anniversary gift!
  • A round acrylic print, perfect for your creative prints or landscapes
  • An oval-shaped acrylic print. These are ideal for couples’ photos or portraits
living room wall art ideas

7. Try a Split Canvas Print

If you’ve got an extra-special print in mind or you’ve just got a larger wall space just waiting to be filled, try one of our Split Canvas Prints! Split canvases are perfect for amplifying the impact of your images.

Just remember, you’ll need to split an image across three or more prints, so they work best with images where there isn’t a lot of fine detail. If you’re using images of people, you’ll also need to be careful not to split your image at people’s limbs or heads, as this won’t create the best look!

Split Canvas Prints work best with:

  • Landscapes like shots of mountains, beaches, or forests
  • Scenes of nature or the wild
  • Pet photos
living room wall art ideas

8. Try a psychedelic watercolour print

Wall art is the perfect way to inject an explosion of colour into your spaces, and there’s no better room to do that than the living room!

Add a psychedelic watercolour wall art print and watch as the compliments roll in! There’s something magical about the effect watercolour paints has on prints; the effect is calming, yet powerful. So, why not bring this same energy into your living room?

watercolour wall art print

9. Dazzle with white on white

Colour isn’t for everyone, though. If your aesthetic is a little more refined, why not go for white-on-white prints? While white can look understated, it can often bring a classy, elegant vibe into your living room.  

For a really polished look, try a white Floating Frame Print.

We love these living room wall art ideas for white-on-white prints:

  • A line drawing with a white background
  • A white abstract print. Abstract prints experiment with shape and form which can create an intriguing look, especially if you’re not using colour
  • A 3D white print. If you’re not adding colour, it’s a good idea to add depth instead and play with illusion when choosing your wall art
white wall art

Got any other living room wall art ideas? Be sure to let us know. Either way, your wall art should inject personality, and style into your spaces. Make sure that whatever you choose stays true to your (or your family’s) style aesthetic. For some people, that’s bold and bright. For others, that is refined and elegant. Others might just want to create a personal tribute to their family, with plenty of family photos.

Either way, surround yourself with wall art prints that inspire you and make you smile. After all, life is too short to stare at boring blank walls! At Canvas Factory, we have (quite literally) millions of living room wall art ideas to choose from. Start browsing here, or check out our blog for even more ideas.


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