60th Birthday Gift Ideas: 11 Thoughtful Options

60th Birthday Gift Ideas: 11 Thoughtful Options

Finding a 60th birthday gift idea for that special someone in your life can be difficult. But keep in mind that if you choose something personalised, it will always be appreciated.

If your 60th birthday present shows how much you care, or brings utility or beauty to their lives, your loved ones will be sure to cherish it for a long time. Sometimes the simplest things have the most meaning.

So, if you’re stuck for 60th birthday gift ideas, here are 11 thoughtful options for your loved ones to consider. From a massage cushion to personalised photo gifts, these gifts are sure to leave a smile on any face.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Mini Massage Cushion

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Who would say no to a heated massage cushion? This clever 60th birthday gift idea is one that they’ll treasure time and time again. 

60th Birthday Gift Ideas - Mini Massage Cushion

2. Soiree Wine Bottle Holder And Pourer

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Want a stylish wine pourer that is functional, yet looks amazing? Here it is! This present idea is perfect for the aspiring wine connoisseur or even just the casual wine drinker. 

60th Birthday Gift Ideas - Soiree Wine Bottle Holder And Pourer

3. Recipe Cook Book Stand

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Personalisation is everywhere these days, but this particular gift will be on display in your loved one’s pride of place in the kitchen. Add your own special message and voila! The gift is complete.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas - Recipe Cook Book Stand

4. A Photo Mug

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Want an affordable personalised photo gift? This is the perfect 60th birthday gift idea; it’s thoughtful yet useful. Add your loved one’s favourite photos of their family, their pets, or their significant other.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Mug

5. Cherish Your Memories In A Photo Book

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Personalised photo books are the perfect way to display your favourite memories. You can choose and create photo books according to a specific theme, or you can just create a collection of your favourite memories from over the years. 

photo book

6. Herb Garden Kit

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Next, we suggest this tiny herb garden. A miniature herb garden is the perfect 60th birthday gift for the aspiring chef in your life, or just the casual cook. This way, they can grab a pinch of herbs, whenever they like, and add it to their favourite dishes.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas - Herb Garden Kit

7. Flask Set With Shot Glasses
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This personalised flask set will come in handy for picnics, parties, or just a day out fishing or playing golf. Not that you need a reason! Personalise it with your message of choice to surprise your loved one.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas - Flask Set With Shot Glasses

8. Surprise Camping Trip With Family

Surprise the 60-year-old in your life with a special camping trip. Take lots of photos so they’ll always remember the good times they had.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas - Surprise Camping Trip With Family

9. Grab Them A Handy Tote Bag
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Who doesn’t love a tote bag? Tote bags come in handy for everything; shopping, going to school, work, or university, and even the beach. Create a personalised one to commemorate your loved ones 60th birthday. This gift is super useful yet will also show that you’ve actually put time into thinking about what to create.ally put time into thinking about what to create.

custom tote bags

10. Host A Themed Party Based On The Year He Or She Was Born

This one is simple; each year is a great theme to base a party on. Guests can dress up, you can create themed invitations, and decorate according to the year. This will be a party they’ll never forget.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas - Host A Themed Party Based On The Year In Which He Or She Was Born

11. Make A Framed List Of 60 Things You Love About Him Or Her

Finally, we love the idea of creating a special list of the 60 best things you love about him or her. Try and make your list as varied as possible, with sentimental additions as well as a few lines to make your loved one smile. 

Once you’ve completed your list, you could turn it into a beautiful personalised wall, art design. Simply use Canva to create your design, export it, and import it in the easy-to-use order template at Canvas Factory.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas - Make A Framed List Of 60 Things You Love About Him Or Her

In conclusion, we hope this list has inspired you to find awesome personalised 60th birthday gift ideas. If you’re still out of ideas, check out Canvas Factory and our huge range of affordable gifts.


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