11 of the Best Personalised Christmas Gifts

11 of the Best Personalised Christmas Gifts

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And with another Christmas comes a whole set of new gifts to think about. But it’s not always easy finding personalised Christmas gifts that truly mean something.

Everyone wants personalisation when choosing gifts these days; in fact, personalisation is everywhere, with brands all over the world trying out the trend. Yet there’s a huge difference between buying another gift with your loved one’s monogrammed initials stamped onto it and purchasing thoughtful personalised gifts chosen with care.

Get our list of the best personalised Christmas gifts and show your loved ones how much you care.

1. Classic Canvas Prints

You can’t go past a classic single canvas print when it comes to personalised Christmas gifts. Canvas prints are affordable yet allow you to create highly personalised gifts for your loved ones; gifts that reflect who they are. Simply choose a personalised photo of their family, friends or pets, or create a canvas using a special photo of the two of you.

Or, get creative and select one of our brilliant wall art designs. With millions of different designs to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone!

framed canvas prints

2. High-definition Metal Prints

For something a little different, why not try metal prints? High-definition metal prints have a glamorous, art-gallery-style finish. With metal prints, your high-definition image is printed onto high-quality aluminium is stunning saturated colour. The printing process to create metal prints picks up all the fine detail within your image, making them perfect for those images with plenty of detail or smaller, subtle lines and colours.

Metal prints of also highly durable, and can last for decades. They can withstand all weather; rain, hail or shine, even lasting outside. This makes them perfect for bathrooms, kitchen or kid’s rooms where they might fall victim to sticky children’s fingers! They’re also surprisingly lightweight, which means it’s easy to transport them from house to house or room to room.

Any image looks fantastic on a metal print; from gorgeous family photos to wall art designs and epic landscape shots. Metal prints are made to stand out and they make perfect personalised Christmas gifts.

personalised christmas gifts

3. Photo Pillows

If you’re after one of the more affordable personalised Christmas gifts, photo pillows might suit you perfectly! Photo pillows are practical in the home; from the couch to the bedroom, you can use them everywhere. They’re also highly thoughtful, showing your loved ones that you care enough to create a unique gift just for them.

Use special photos of the two of you to show that you cherish the memories you spent together. Or, for something truly unique, use photos of the favourite pets for a photo pillow. Can’t decide on one image? You can create a double-sided photo pillow with Canvas Factory and they can switch the pillow according to whichever image they want to see that day!

personalised christmas gifts

4. Photo Mugs

If you’re looking for a personalised Christmas gift that’s budget-friendly and highly practical, at under $20, photo mugs are the ideal Christmas stocking filler.

Use just a single photo or get creative with a collage of all your favourite images. Or choose one of our themed mugs to commemorate someone truly special in your life. Photo mugs are one of the easiest personalised Christmas gifts to give and our easy-to-use template makes it quicker than ever to order.

personalised Christmas gifts

5. Floating Frame Prints

If you’re not a fan of unframed prints or you’d simply like to try a framed canvas, our floating frame prints might be the perfect gift for you to try. While stretched canvas prints look fantastic, sometimes a frame can help your print stand out more, especially if, say, you want to hang a white print on a white wall. In that scenario, a black frame can help your print stand out and look its best.

Floating frame prints are simply a wrapped canvas print with a thick floating frame surrounding the print. Our frames come in black, white and woodgrain. These are perfect for your shots of the beach, landscapes or family photos. Or, select a wall art print from our range; we’ve got millions of designs to choose from!

floating frame prints

6. Split Canvas Prints

For personalised Christmas gifts that are sure to impress, why not try one of our split canvas prints? Our sensational split canvas prints are high-impact wall displays. They are split across several images to magnify the impact of your images.

Choose from spectacular panoramas, cherished memories or a choose a high-definition wall art print from our collection. Your loved one will be sure to hang your split canvas print in a place of pride; just make sure they’ve got some wall space to spare!

personalised christmas gifts

7. Acrylic Prints

For personalised Christmas gifts with a little pizazz, why not try an acrylic print? Like metal prints, acrylic prints are highly durable and easy to clean and transport from place to place. With a glassy shine, these frameless prints will display your images in all their glory, picking up on saturated colour and fine detail.

The resulting look is contemporary and polished and your images will shine; literally! For your acrylic print, you want to choose an image that will stand out. Can’t decide? Why not try an acrylic photo collage with all your favourite images?

personalised Christmas gifts

8. Wall Displays

Has your loved one just moved into a new home, and they need to decorate? Bare walls are MADE for wall displays, so why not go all out? A wall display is essentially a collection of different prints grouped together as one single display.

Wall displays are one of the most thoughtful personalised Christmas gifts you could give, as they do require a little thought and coordination. However, by using our simple order template, you can see what your chosen images will look like placed together as a cohesive wall display. Forget having to measure individual prints, or having to check and re-check what you’ve ordered. With our template you can see the wall display configuration and know you’ve chosen correctly!

The best wall display images are chosen with a theme, colour scheme or style in mind to group them together. For instance, you might choose the beach as your theme and include a couple of family photos from the beach, a photo of your loved one’s dog at the beach and a seascape to set the scene. Alternatively, you could use different wedding photos. Or, you could use a variety of family photos tied together with a similar editing style or colour theme to maintain cohesiveness.

personalised christmas gifts family

9. Collage Prints

The collage has been a popular art form for centuries. Get creative and create your own photo collage for a special gift! Your loved one will fully appreciate the effort that you put into creating this stand-alone art print. Hang collage prints in places where guests can examine both the up-close detail of a variety of smaller images while also appreciating the art piece from afar.

Like wall displays, collage prints are one of the most thoughtful personalised Christmas gifts but they do require some pre-planning. Use images that stick within a particular theme, or follow a visual style; like black and white images or images from the same setting or series.

personalised christmas gifts

10. Extra Large Wall Art Designs

Want personalised Christmas gifts with a little more wow-factor? Supersize your wall art! Create an extra-large wall art piece by choosing either a single, stunning family portrait, a panorama you’ve taken on a special trip with a loved one, or, alternatively, choose a wall art image from our extensive collection.

From Japanese art to street art to landscapes, we’ve got an art style to suit everyone. What will you choose? Start browsing to find out.

Christmas gifts

11. Photo Gift Vouchers

Finally, if you can’t decide or are running out of time, a Canvas Factory gift voucher might be the best option for you. A gift voucher will give your loved one the gift of choice, yet still allows them to choose a meaningful photo gift to adorn their home with, whether that’s a stubby holder, a photo book or a classic canvas print. Shop gift vouchers here.

There’s enough to worry about at Christmas time. Ordering early takes the stress out of Christmas and ensures that you’re prepared for the silly season. Start shopping now at Canvas Factory.


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