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Photo canvas gifts

Photo canvas gifts
The perfect gift for family and friends

Are you looking for a truly unique gift for someone special in your life? A personalised photo canvas makes an unusual and considerate gift for any occasion. Nothing says that you care more than a precious shared memory preserved on high-quality, gallery-wrapped stretched canvas.

And our tools make creating such a photo canvas extremely easy! Just upload a photo from your personal collection (or from our extensive image library), select a size and style, and we’ll do the rest. Or, if you’d like to help that special someone preserve their memories, why not give them a canvas print gift voucher instead.

Honour precious memories with a photo canvas

Turn a memory into a unique and considerate gift.

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As we get older and the years go by, time seems to pass by faster and faster. Commemorate the journey that you and your loved ones have taken by preserving birthday memories on a photo canvas.


The memories of loved ones that we’ve lost are reminders that their love lives on with us forever. Canvas printing is a great way to ensure those memories don't fade.

Unusual gift ideas with photo canvas prints

The gift of canvas printing isn't just for preserving major life events; it's also a great way to celebrate the everyday aspects of life.

Custom canvas prints: ideal for any occasion

Photo canvas prints are a great way to celebrate the bonds we've created.

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Just Because

Sometimes someone just needs a gift. Turn one of your favourite photos into a photo canvas gift to warm the heart of the recipient.

House-warming Gift

Take advantage of our extensive photo collection to craft an original canvas print for your new neighbours to hang on their bare walls.

As a Thank You

Did someone give or do something special for you? Let them know how much you appreciate it by honouring their generosity with a custom canvas print.