The Right Wedding Photo for Printing on Canvas

The right wedding photo for printing on canvas

One of the most popular ways to display your wedding photos is to print them on canvas – and why not? It’s one of the most important days in anybody’s life, well worth immortalising as amazing art and looks stunning without costing the earth.

But you can’t just select any old wedding photo and expect great results when printing on canvas – well, yes, you can, but if you want maximum impact and the best reaction from guests and friends, you need to put just a little thought into it. Because while all of your wedding photos will carry the magic of that day with them, not everyone will be able to see that magic instantly. You have to guide them a little.

Printing On Canvas Tip #1: Go Casual

Every wedding produces two kinds of photos: The super-staged, posed, and perfectly arranged photos that are meant to capture the beauty and dignity of the moment, and the crazy, active, fun photos that capture the emotion, the energy, and the joy. The latter work better on your walls, because the posed photos, while beautiful, will lack any sort of kinetic energy. The crazy photos that have motion and urgency to them – those will pop as canvas prints.

In fact, your best choices may actually come from your friends and family’s cameras – or from the disposable cameras on the tables at the reception. What you want is a photo that captures how you felt that day – and we doubt you felt very calm and dignified.

Printing on canvas - casual photos

Tip #2: Include Everyone

There’s no reason you have to have just one wedding photo – why not select a bunch to be made into smaller prints and create a whole design around them? This way you can do the most important thing, which is to make sure it’s not just you and your spouse up there.

You’re the happy couple so certainly you should be front and centre – but don’t forget the people who got you there! Adding in photos of friends and family who shared the moment lets them share it all over again, and creates a sense of motion and population in your art that help break the images out of the moment.

Printing on canvas - group shots

Tip #3: Consider Still Life

This one is less of a guideline than a suggestion, because everyone’s going to have to sit with it for a bit. But who says your wedding photos have to have people in them? Your wedding was a meticulously crafted affair. You likely took months planning every detail – and now who remembers those details?

Why not take some photos that captured the good stuff – the place settings and the band, the beauty of the venue, the cake – all the things that melted away into the past and have been forgotten. Bring them back, and use them as gorgeous abstracts on your wall that will evoke the feelings you had on that day without being overly literal.

Printing on canvas - wedding details

The division of labour is simple: You pick the greatest wedding photos ever, then send them to us and we’ll make them into beautiful prints on canvas.