Taking Great Photos of Loved Ones

Canvas printing of a loved one

When you’re in love, it’s common to think that your partner is perfect in most ways. Even decades later, the ones we love are often above reproach in our minds, and that can sometimes make any time they insist on their flaws a confusing and alarming moment. For example, when we get the idea that we’d like to have more photos of loved ones in our lives, possibly in the form of beautiful art, we’re often surprised when we get a negative reaction from them regarding the prospect of having their picture taken.

The answer here is to not get hurt. They’re likely not rejecting you or your desire to have them more firmly rooted in your life – they’re just expressing their own insecurities and doubts about their appearance. Instead of becoming upset, think about how you can make the prospect of taking their photo for canvas printing a little less frightening.

Tip #1: No Surprises

We often want to have ‘candid’ photos of our partner, because we want to remember them as we see them every day, and because we often think they’re at their most beautiful when engaged in the simple work of living their lives. We love the way they look when they’ve just woken up, or when they’re back from a long run, or when they’ve got their hair up from doing housework.

The problem is, they often don’t think they look their best at these moments, and a sudden photographic attack could be a bit upsetting – and the photo you then turn into prints will be a constant and irritating reminder of that ambush.

Forget the surprise photo. You can still try for a more natural and candid pose, but you should always make your photographic intentions clear and obvious, and obtain permission before snapping the photo.

Canvas printing - loved ones

Tip #2: No Poses

The easiest way to transform a lovely photo of a loved one into an awkward and disappointing picture that will never be right for canvas printing is to pose your partner. No matter how natural you think the pose is, poses never come off as natural. The fixed smile, the stiff body language – everything about the moment you capture in time will be a little ‘off’ and the end result won’t remind you of love – it will remind you of how unhappy your partner was in that moment.

While surprises are out, taking a lot of photos during an ideal moment increases your chances of getting a more natural pose, something that feels fluid and relaxed and captures the personality and spirit of your partner for the rest of your lives.

Canvas printing - keeping it casual

Taking a photo of a loved one has to be approached with the same love and respect you bring to them in real life. When you think you’ve nailed it, click here and we’ll take your photo and turn it into an amazing canvas print.