Personalised Gift Ideas: 7 Awesome Options

A personalised gift is the perfect way to show how much you care. Receiving a personalised gift means that the person who gave it to them put a lot of thought into it. But how can you find the right personalised gift idea for you?

Personalised gifts can be almost anything, really! These days you can personalised your clothing, jewellery, ornaments, and home decor.

Here are a few personalised gift ideas to inspire you. From beautiful his and hers pillow covers  or an All-In-One Mantidy Tech Roll here are some unique gift ideas they’ll always treasure. 

Personalised Gift Ideas For Him

When it comes to personalised gift ideas for him, there are endless options out there that will make him feel special for any occasion. It’s not always easy to find gifts for the men in your life. Most men will buy the things they need. Your mission is to find something they don’t realise they needed that’s going to enhance their lives. 

Personalised gifts add a special touch to your gift. Best of all, he’ll never lose it because it will be personalised. From engraved keepsakes to useful knickknacks, we’ve got all the best gifts for him. Read on to find out more.

1. Beer Holder
Buy at Canvas Factory

personalised Valentine's Day gift

2. F1 Racing Car Memory Stick
Buy on Not On The High Street

Personalised Gift Ideas - F1 Racing Car Memory Stick

3. Multi Item Docking Station
Buy on Etsy

Personalised Gift Ideas - Multi Item Docking Station

Personalised Gift Ideas For Her

When you’re searching for a personalised gift idea for her, you want to find something unique. It’s easy enough to opt for a candle or chocolates, but why not find her something special this year? 

Personalised gift show that you will take that little bit of extra time to create something meaningful. And, she’s far more likely to remember the gift in years to come with fond memories. From flowers to sweet heart-shaped acrylic prints, we’ve got plenty of options for you.

4. Freestanding Letter
Buy on Etsy

Personalised Gift Ideas - Freestanding Letter

5. Hearts Four-Across Game
Buy on UncommonGoods

Personalised Gift Ideas - Hearts Four-Across Game

6. Shaped Acrylic Prints
Buy at Canvas Factory

Wedding Collages - Modish - Heart

Personalised Gift Ideas For All

7. Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board
Buy on UncommonGoods

Personalised Gift Ideas - Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board

8. Canvas Print
Buy on The Canvas Factory

Personalised Gift Ideas - Canvas Print

The power of personalised gifts is undeniable. They truly show a thoughtfulness that goes beyond just grabbing a bunch of flowers at the local supermarket or throwing a box of chocolates into a gift bag. We hope this personalised gift ideas have inspired you to get creative and give to your love ones something that they will treasure for years to come.

For more personalised gifts, check out Canvas Factory. We’ve got a huge range of personalised presents to suit everyone.


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