Interior Design Tips for Uncreative People

You’re probably a lot more creative than you think, but not everyone feels confident in their creativity – especially when it comes to expressions as public as the interior design in your house. After all, people will be literally living in your design, and will have an opinion on whether it works or not. If you’re not someone who’s used to expressing themselves creatively, that can be intimidating.

There’s a secret, though: You don’t necessarily have to be creative to have a great design in your house. Here are some sure-fire interior design tips that can help even the least creative person attain a beautiful home filled with great design ideas.

Steal Little, Steal Big

Magazines are a great place to find interior design tips.

Not sure you know what you’re doing with interior design? Fair enough – but you know what you like. So, why not find the perfect room – in a magazine, or online, or, heck, in someone else’s house – and simply steal it? Take that photograph and shop for the furniture, the textiles, the decorations and flooring – all of it. You may not find the exact pieces, but that’s okay. The point is that you won’t need to know any of the ‘rules’ or have to rely on your own ability to pick a colour palette or choose funky furniture, when you can just let someone else do all the hard work for you!

Buy the Whole Catalogue

For easy interior design tips, why not copy an entire display room?

Interior design is supposed to be all about your personal taste, but when you hire someone to design a room for you, it’s not your taste, really, so why not skip the middle man and simply take a page out of a furniture catalogue and replicate it? Buying everything on the page – down to the rugs – might seem like cheating, but all it means is that you get perfectly matched pieces that appeal to your eye with one swipe of your credit card.

Keep It Super Simple

One of the greatest interior design tips for people who aren’t very confident in their creative faculties is to keep it super simple (KISS). That means strip everything down: Paint the walls, put in only the furniture that is absolutely necessary, and keep the decorations down to a minimum (a single piece of canvas art on the wall, for example).

The most important of our interior design tips is to keep it simple.

Simplicity is its own style, after all, and the less you try to do in the room the more confident you’ll be with what you do choose – plus you’ll find it a lot easier to swap things out if you find you’ve chosen a few bad items or change your mind about one aspect of the room.

It’s easier to make your home beautiful than you think – whether you have the confidence to use your own ideas or not! And if you need a little help with decorating the walls, click here and we’d be delighted to help you out with custom canvas prints.