How To Create A Heavenly Outdoor Oasis

How To Create A Heavenly Outdoor Oasis

Far too many of us are guilty of having an underutilised outdoor space. But with spring fast approaching, the thought of a sunny outdoor reading nook or a chic entertaining area starts to look much more appealing. All you need is a cosy outdoor couch, some outdoor metal wall art, and some bright, well-placed cushions to create an outdoor oasis and ensure a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

The best part is you don’t need to spend a fortune to redo your outdoor spaces. By adding a fresh coat of paint, metal wall art for the garden, and a few select pieces of furniture, you can create a liveable, cosy space that will have you heading outdoors even when you’re in winter hibernation mode!

Read on to discover our expert decorating ideas for outdoors so you can relax outside, get some Vitamin D and ensure no corner of your home is under-utilised.

Decide on your look

There are so many different outdoor styles and they don’t necessarily need to relate to your indoor spaces, either. Some of the most popular looks of the moment are:

Bohemian Chic

The Bohemian Chic look will always remain stylish in some form, and it’s perfect for outdoor spaces. Think dozens of potted plants in varying styles, pops of colour, greenery, floor cushions and geometric rugs.

moroccan outdoor setting

Get the look: The best part about boho style is that it takes its style cues from so many different cultures like Indian, Moroccan, and Mexican, so you can embrace a variety of textures and styles. A mismatched look is much more modern and eclectic.

That means it can be interpreted in so many different ways and can be as subtle or as bold as you like. For a touch of boho, add some floor cushions, hanging macramé pot plant holders and throw some bright customisable photo cushions on couches and chairs. Or, try a Moroccan-style piece of wall art. We have over 40 million images to choose from!

moroccan outdoor furniture

Hamptons style

Think pure-white and neutrals, often mixed in with a spot of blue or touch of grey. The Hamptons look takes style cues from America’s East Coast, but it has also been creatively adapted for homes in Australia and New Zealand, as so many of us live in coastal areas.

The Hamptons look is all about resort beach-style with a refined edge. This look is a juxtaposition of relaxed sophistication and chic elegance. Like any coastal look, it means to feel casual and breezy yet radiate a refined, tasteful elegance. Think oversized outdoor sofas, fresh white paint, nautical knick-knacks and lots of light.

hamptons style

Get the look: Hamptons style is all about luxe simplicity. Start with a fresh white coat of paint for your exterior spaces, a chic white oversized lounge, and some nautical photo cushions, along with a blue and white striped rug and you’ll nail the Hamptons look in no time.

hamptons style

hamptons pool


Country style

A Country-style look is very classic and refined and is all about trimmed hedges, large French doors, clean lines and lots of greenery. This look can range from a cosy farmhouse style to a more modern interpretation on the trend with industrial-look metals mixed with classic white fabrics.

Get the look: Add lots of potted terracotta plants and flowers in droves; roses or hydrangeas are a chic choice. Replace tired chairs with comfy outdoor couches with monochrome, pink, or blue cushions. For a modern twist and to add some colour to a monochrome palette, add a chic corrugated iron print depicting florals or animals. They’re weather-proof and can last decades without tarnishing!

Outdoor metal wall art

Modern sophistication

A more modern look utilises a varying palette of monochrome, shades of greys and increasingly, jewel tones like emerald greens and deep blues. A modern outdoor look is bold and plays with a lot of straight lines. It also takes influences from an array of cultures; from elegant Japanese gardens to rambling Californian vineyards, and chic New-York-style rooftops. The advantage of modern style is that it embraces innovation and uniqueness; you can really take it where you want.

modern outdoor

Get the look: Add black or white potted plants, and, if you have space, investing in a modern firepit can change all of your winters to come! Think refined; plants kept in black or white planter boxes, and lawns well-manicured. To add a pop of colour to all this, try adding a chic piece of outdoor metal wall art; these can look fabulous and can be fully customised so you could add a picture of your favourite holiday or a tranquil landscape shot. Otherwise, some bright photo cushions could spice up a refined modern space equally well.

outdoor oasis modern home


Decorating tiny outdoor spaces

As we’re battling higher house prices globally, many of us are adapting to living in smaller spaces. If you’re low on space, light and greenery are crucial aspects of helping you feel less boxed in and more at ease in your small space. Try these tips:

  • Vertical gardens are a great way to decorate by introducing greenery into your space. Add hanging plants with chic gold pots and hanging chains, or attach hanging wall baskets to your outdoor walls
  • Like you would in a room, adding a large mirror on one side of your space can extend your outdoors, helping it feel more spacious
  • Try to open up your doors and ease the transition of indoor and outdoor spaces by having the same decorating theme run through your home. This also makes it easier when entertaining in a small space
  • Add some colourful outdoor metal wall art in your space to add intrigue. Metal wall art for the garden can be a beautiful way to add a colour that isn’t green! Check out our premium high-quality aluminium wall art here. These are great for small spaces as they are thinner than canvas and lie very flat on your walls
  • Don’t overdo it; in a small space you only need a few select pieces otherwise your space can look cluttered
  • Use foldaway furniture where possible like hammocks and folding chairs

Dress up your walls with outdoor metal wall art

Adding texture and colour to your walls can work wonders in making your spaces more inviting. To bring your walls to life, try adding a creeper vine. All you need to do is add a wire frame to your walls and let the vine grow around it. It will take some time, but you’ll have a beautiful wall with lots of natural greenery!

outdoor metal wall art

Or if you want an instant style upgrade, add some outdoor metal wall art with our aluminium prints to add a pop of colour. You can add wall art in whatever style you please. You might want to add a personal family photo or browse our collection of millions of images to discover what would suit your space. Start browsing here.

outdoor metal wall art

Add splashes of colour and warmth

It’s surprising how a bright and cosy space can change your mood. Your outdoors should be a refuge and a place to cheer your mood. Use every available surface of your outdoor space to add intrigue and colour. Add greenery by popping potted plants around available floor space; just be sure you have space to walk!


If you have a very sunny backyard, drapes can add a relaxed Moroccan vibe to your space. Get creative by adding drapes in different colours. Wind-proof shutters can also be installed on the sides of your balcony to protect you from the elements.

Add bright photo cushions to add pops of colour, especially in a more monochrome space. Our photo cushions are fully customisable. Get your photo printed on both sides of your cushion. They also make great personalised presents.

outdoor furniture cushions

In winter, add lots of cosy throw rugs and blankets. Outdoor ottomans which double as storage units are great to keep these in. Your outdoor textiles shouldn’t just look good. They should feel good as well, so you and your guests are as comfortable as possible in your outdoor spaces. Add an outdoor rug or two to create a cosier “indoor” vibe.

Add light and water

We seek the outdoors because we want to feel a touch of nature; we want to feel sunlight on our faces and hear running water. A well-lit space feels more natural and therefore can help your space feel larger and more welcoming. Natural light is best, but if that isn’t possible, try the following:

  • Add hanging lamps from ceiling areas or mount lamps on the wall
  • Wrap outdoor fairy lights around balconies or trees. If your garden gets a lot of sunlight, solar-powered lights are a great option
  • If you don’t have mounted lights, and are renting, purchase mason jars and add fairy lights inside them to create a mobile light!
  • Use metallic and white pots and large silver candle holders to reflect the light as much as possible
  • Add a water feature. It doesn’t need to be large or extravagant; a small simple water feature can work beautifully to create a tranquil space

Upgrading your outdoor spaces is simple and inexpensive. You just need a few well-chosen pieces for your outdoor spaces so you can create a relaxing sanctuary to retreat to.

Start building your cosy outdoor oasis in time for spring by adding simple items like photo cushions and outdoor metal wall art with our aluminium prints.

To check out our full range, click here.


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