DIY Mother’s Day Gift Baskets You Can Afford

If you’re keen to spoil your mother, but don’t want to spend a fortune, you may be in for a shock if you think buying a gift basket is the answer!

I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to receive a fancy, professional gift basket, but I’d personally want the one that costs $150 rather than the piddly $50 one because you get a greater variety of items included which, as far as I’m concerned, is the whole point of a gift basket.

It’s the thought that counts, you say? Sure, I get that. But if thought counts, it’s time to get thoughtful!

Gift baskets are lovely, but they can be a bit of a lazy gift. You know, the gift you give when you can’t think of anything else. Like flowers. Unlike flowers (which are a guaranteed pleaser), gift baskets are risky business. You might have to put up with gifting Mum something she doesn’t even like – like a jar of cumquat jelly – just because it automatically comes in the basket. She’ll then give it away to someone else, making their day rather than her’s.

DIY Mother's Day Gift Basket - Gift Basket

Sons and daughters, it’s time to take control!

It’s time to get thoughtful. Here are some affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas suitable for a DIY gift basket.

Include something Mum loves to give you

Think. What is Mum always buying you? My Mum’s always buying me bottles of sauces and oils. She’s gifted me with dessert toppings and olive oils. She’s always giving my brother and I Lindt balls.

People often love to gift what they’d love to receive themselves. Think about what your Mum loves giving people and include those items.

DIY Mother's Day Gift Basket - Olive Oil

Include something you love

When I was 13, I received a birthday present from a friend that I didn’t like and that my friend didn’t like. I went home and said to my Mum ‘Sally gave me this bracelet. She told me it wasn’t her kind of thing, but bought it because she thought I’d like it. But I don’t like it at all’.

My Mum’s words of wisdom that I have never forgotten were ‘Never buy someone something that you don’t like yourself.’

Don’t try to guess your Mum’s taste. If you know what she likes, that’s wonderful. Of course it’s important you include something she’ll love, but if you don’t like it there’s no guarantee she will.

Unless it’s a tin of salt-packed anchovies or something …

DIY Mother's Day Gift Basket - Anchovies

Include something you know she wants

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, ask questions of your mother that you haven’t thought to ask before.

What’s your favourite chocolate? What brand of face moisturiser do you like? Do you prefer Shiraz or Pinot Noir?

DIY Mother's Day Gift Basket - Chocolate

Include some treasured memories

Ask Mum to give you some of her favourite photos from her albums. Tell her you’ll give them back. Tell her you’re working on a bit of a project (which you are!).

Scan the photos in, hop onto our website and create a 35x45cm canvas photo collage print, often on sale for under $25! The modish designs available on the CanvasApp are the same price as the traditional collage prints.

Include something personal

Be sure to include a gift card featuring some words from the heart. Struggling to express how you feel? Simply fill in these blanks.

I love you because …
I admire how you …
Thank you for …

DIY Mother's Day Gift Basket - Gift Card

DIY gift basket done! Oh – and if you’re not a basket kind of person, a gift box will suffice. Happy Mother’s Day Mums!