9 Instant Home Decorating Ideas

9 Instant Home Decorating Ideas

The space you live in can have an immediate effect on your mood. But not everyone has an unlimited amount of time or money to revamp their entire home. Luckily, there are endless home decorating ideas to help you transform your spaces without blowing your budget.

These days, the home serves so many functions. For some of us, it’s a workplace (for at least part of the week), a gym, a place to entertain and a space to relax and recharge. So, it makes sense to create fabulous, clutter-free spaces that will make you even more keen to get home and put your feet up.

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to make simple and affordable changes to the home that make a huge difference in how your spaces feel. We’ve pulled together the ultimate collection of super-simple home decorating ideas to give your home an instant refresh.

1. Swap out your light fixtures

Lights have got to be one of the most underrated home décor pieces ever. Think about it; older homes that are severely in need of an update always have dusty old lights filled with insects that barely cast a glow!

Changing your light fittings to something more modern can add a bright glow to your rooms and make a world of difference. You can get cheap, modern-style lights from the likes of IKEA for something simple. Or, if you’re feeling like splurging, you can even opt for something a little more extra and invest in a statement chandelier.

home decorating ideas chandelier

2. Clear out the clutter

If you’re looking for affordable home decorating ideas, this one is definitely for you! It doesn’t cost anything to de-clutter, but it makes your spaces look unmistakeably better. And, if you’re running low on storage, get creative with it!

  • Add storage tubs under the bed or in the closet
  • Get seating or ottomans that double as storage
  • Invest in some woven baskets that will look beautiful on your shelves but can house all your bits and pieces. For baskets on high shelves, label them with a sticker of the contents underneath the basket for easy access
  • Instead of shoving everything in your storage containers, fold everything away neatly. It will be so much easier to find what you’re looking for and it will maximise space

Consider cutting down on your much-loved ornaments, or rotate a few and put the others away.

home decorating ideas storage

3. Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is essentially a curated display of different artworks on your wall. It can be as small or as large as you like and can include framed art, wrapped canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints and even wall plates. The only limit is your imagination!

To create a gallery wall, decide where you’ll place your prints. Choose your prints, if you haven’t already. You can opt for family photos, wall art, or a combination of both. Our favourite home decorating ideas using a gallery wall are:

A grid series of black and white family photos. You can do 9 or 12 prints in a structured 3 x 3 or 3 x 4 formation.

A sprawling gallery wall featuring 9 to 13 different prints with a variety of frames. You can use a combination of floating frame prints and wrapped canvas prints. Start with larger prints in the middle, then work your way outward with smaller prints.

A picture ledge gallery wall. Hang two floating shelves in parallel then add your frames. Layer frames closely together and slightly overlapping to add depth to your look.

gallery wall canvas

4. Add texture

Texture and colour can really spice up your spaces, especially if you have floorboards or concrete floors. A colourful rug can work wonders in brightening up your rooms, protect your floors, and help your spaces feel cosier.

Try to choose a colourful rug and then use it as a colour base for your whole room, choosing complementary pieces in the same palette to match. If you don’t have the budget for a new rug, add photo cushions! Photo cushions act like mini artworks. Use them to add little reminders of your favourite memories in the home. Or, add photo cushions with your favourite art styles.

home decorating ideas

5. Hang a statement canvas print

A statement canvas print is the perfect way to add interest to your rooms. But where do you begin when choosing a piece of wall art?

Colour – match the colour to the colours that already exist in your home

Home style – if your home is Hamptons style, choose a print of the beach. If your home is more modern, select a bold graphic print or a graffiti artwork

Personal style – consider your personal style or artistic influences. What inspires you? Perhaps it’s an age or an era, such as the medieval times. If so, you might opt for gothic artworks.

statement wall art

6. Rearrange your furniture

Remember when you were a little kid, and you would rearrange the furniture in your room and it would suddenly feel like a brand-new space? Well, it’s time to do it all again, only this time, try the whole house!

This is one of the easiest home decorating ideas ever, not to mention it doesn’t cost you anything! Play around with different arrangements and find the one that works best for you. With any luck, you’ll be able to design your room better and open up more room in your spaces.

home decorating ideas

7. Add greenery

Living things have a certain charm that none of these other home decorating ideas can bring. They add colour and life to your rooms and can really liven up a neutral space nicely.

There’s also an enormous range of plants to choose from, from spiky, low-maintenance indoor plants to cacti to sprawling ferns.

indoor plants

8. Hang a statement mirror

Mirrors are truly magical in opening up your spaces. If you choose the right mirror and position it correctly, it can even project light into your spaces.

You can lean a large statement mirror with an oversized frame against a wall right next to your largest window. This will project light into your spaces while creating the illusion of more space and creating drama.

statement mirror

9. Upgrade your doorknobs and handles

Like light fittings, upgrading tired fixtures like doorknobs, taps, and handles in the kitchen and bathroom can make a huge difference in your spaces, making them look neater and more polished.

Just try to choose matching colours and tones. If in doubt, black can be a sleek modern option. New fixtures can upgrade your entire bathroom or kitchen in mere seconds, and they can be quite affordable.

home decorating ideas

Which of these home decorating ideas are you keen to try first? We’ve got a huge number of affordable photo gifts, canvas prints and wall art to choose from. In fact, we’ve got millions of designs to choose from. Start searching for your next new wall art design here. Otherwise, your treasured memories are always a good choice as well!


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