41 Super-Easy, Crazy-Fun Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

41 Super-Easy, Crazy-Fun Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

Before we get started, remember it’s enough to pack your child a healthy lunch that’s not fancy. It’s enough to throw a party with devilish treats galore. It’s enough to go on a picnic and make it easy rather than complex. And it’s enough to reach into the fridge and hand your child a banana.

It’s enough.

But this article is for when you find yourself wanting to do something a bit extra special. Perhaps you have a fussy eater. Perhaps you’re transitioning your child to a new, healthy food. Perhaps you simply want to have a bit of fun. And perhaps you want to show off a little.

With respect to the limited time and diverse talent of Mums, Dads and carers all the world over, we wanted to put together an extensive list of healthy snack ideas that are super-easy and crazy-fun. We’ve served up the most amazing snacks for parties, picnics, school lunch boxes and home life. Will 41 ideas do?


Who knew fruit could be so appealing? Move over fruit wands, how about fruit rockets? And apples four ways: turtle, boat, silly face and more turtle. Get some protein happening with cheeky cheese monsters and egg snowmen. Make finger food fun by putting it in a train. Crazy awesome.

Just make sure you photograph the results, so you can collate your colourful happy snaps after the party to create a collage you and your family can treasure for years to come. Here’s all the info you need on how to make a collage.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Apples by Fun Themed Party Ideas.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

2. Cheese Monsters by Double The Batch.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Cheese Monsters

3. Fruit Rockets by Eats Amazing.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Fruit Rockets

4. Train Treats by Eats Amazing.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Train Treats

5. Crunchy Apple Boats by Childhood 101.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Apple Boats

6. Flower Fruits by Mom Endeavors.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Flower Fruits

7. Sea Turtle Apples by Crafty Recipes.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Sea Turtles

8. Silly Face Fruit Bites by Country Living.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Apple Bites

9. Strawberry Choc Lady Bugs by The Soccer Mom Blog.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Strawberry Chocolate Ladybugs

10. Crab Sandwich by Cute Food For Kids.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Crab Sandwich

11. Egg Snowman by Double The Batch.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Egg Snowman


Bring a paper plate alive by creating a whole new world of food. The animal you choose is only limited by your imagination, but this cheat sheet below is ideal: butterflies, sailing boats, dip faces – even a road trip.

For something even easier, cut your wholemeal sandwiches at home into teddy bear shapes, revealing the colourful goodness inside. Speaking of colour, who knew pizza could double as a rainbow? This recipe simply pops with colour and nutrition.

12. Butterfly Quesadillas by Creative Kids Snacks.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Butterfly Quesadilla

13. Teddy Bear Sandwich by Kidsters Live Journal.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Teddy Bear Face

14. Pepper Boats by Eats Amazing.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Pepper Boats

15. Rainbow Pizza by Gimme Delicous Food.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Rainbow Pizza

16. Pita Road Trip by How About Cookie.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Road Trip Pita

17. Dip Faces by Two Healthy Kitchens.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Veggie Faces

18. Apple Bugs by Eats Amazing.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Apple Bugs

19. Chickie Eggs by Emily A Roach.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Chickie Eggs

20. Halloween Oranges by My Fussy Eater.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Clementine Pumpkins


Not all of us will have the inclination to whip these up for after school snacks, but they’re super fun for those lazy weekends at home. Get the kids involved in the creative process and it’s like doing craft – but you actually get to eat it!

We’re talking apple crabs, apple owls, cottage cheese sheep (aren’t they adorable?) and countless other arty designs. After something bigger than just a snack? Then why not opt for pirate porridge for breakfast or a pasta nest for dinner? So much cute.

And I reckon the teddy bear and owl toasts would disappear in two seconds flat.

21. Apple Crab by Crafty Recipes.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Apple Crabs

22. Apple Owl by Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Apple Owl

23. Fruit & Veg Caterpillar by Meet The Dubiens.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Caterpillar

24. Cottage Sheep by The Kitchn.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Cottage Sheep

25. Fruity Dolphins by Fun Meals 4 Kids.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Dolphins

26. Egg Bunny by Natural New Age Mum.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Egg Bunny

27. Nutella Koala by How About Cookie.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Nutella Koala

28. Pineapple Bird by Kix.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Pineapple Bird

29. Pasta Nest by Crafty Moods.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Pasta Nest

30. Pirate Porridge by How About Cookie.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Pirate Oatmeal

31. Teddy Bear Toast by Crafty Morning.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Teddy Toast

32. Owl Toast by Daisies & Pie.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Owl Toast


These bento boxes are so incredible, I reckon adults would even appreciate them. That storm trooper egg alone would have my husband and his nerdy work mates talking for weeks.

The wonderful thing about bento boxes for kids is the variety of foods they inspire. Throw in a few grapes, blueberries and some slices of cucumber and pineapple along with a cute cookie cutter sandwich and it’s quite likely your child will return home with an empty lunch box.

How delicious does that mandarin look all of a sudden after becoming a cute snail? And those butterfly lolly bags full of healthier treats? I mean, what a way to make sure fruit is actually eaten!

33. Star Wars Bento Box by Lunch Box Dad.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Star Wars Bento Box

34. Sea Life Bento Box by Kidsters Live Journal.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Sea Life Bento Box

35. Robot Bento Box by Eats Amazing.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Robot Lunch

36. Beach Bento Box by Lunch Box Dad.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Beach Bento Box

37. Heart Bento Box by How About Cookie.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Heart Bento Box

38. Chick Bento Box by How About Cookie.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Chick Bento Box

39. Strawberry & Yogurt Bite by Glamour Health.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Strawberry Snack

40. Butterfly Bags by Juggling With Kids.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Butterfly Snacks

41. Snail Orange by Emily A Roach.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Snail Orange


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