10 Honeymoon Photos You Simply Have To Capture

To celebrate our marriage, my partner and I are off on a South Pacific cruise. Our stops include some of the islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Given the recent cyclone in Vanuatu, we’re looking forward to doing our small bit to help the local communities get back on their feet by supporting their local economy. We’ve also donated to one of the aid relief programs.

I think very few things can kill the romance of a honeymoon. A cyclone would certainly be one of them! June is the best time to travel the South Pacific, so we ought to be totally fine weather wise. We’ve got no intentions to miss the cruise deadline and get left behind on one of the islands, but we’ve discussed that – if that happens – we’ll make the most of it.

We draw the line at getting left behind on a snorkeling tour! Those stories can end badly!

The point is, it’s important to make the most of every moment of your honeymoon. Regardless of whether you’ve been together for 10 weeks, 10 months or 10 years, a honeymoon is your time together. Savour it. Love it. Capture it.

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event that simply must be remembered in 10, 20, 50 years time.  So be sure to capture your special honeymoon moments together by way of a photo! Many photos!

There are three cameras that must be your friend on your honeymoon: a Digital SLR, a smartphone with a quality built-in camera and an underwater camera (digital or film).

Don’t be shy about asking fellow holidaymakers to take a photo for you. It’s vital the photos aren’t all selfies. It’s also vital the photos aren’t just all of you as a couple. For the ultimate print-ready, canvas-worthy collection, consider focusing on the experience you’re having, not just each other. Hard to believe, I know.

For the ultimate collection, there are 10 honeymoon photos you simply have to capture:

1. Leaving the wedding

Your professional wedding photographer often captures this particular shot on the day, so don’t forget to include it in the brief. You may be tempted to send your photographer home as soon as the reception is half over, but the photo of the newly weds going on their merry way in the most creative way possible is a wedding classic that must not be forgotten.

Honeymoon Photo Collage - Just Married

2. Obligatory transit selfie

Here you have permission to selfie. Yes, I’ve just made selfie a verb. To selfie.

You might be in a taxi, at the airport or on a boat. Either way, a photo of you taking flight or setting sail is an important part of the honeymoon photo documentary.

3. Hotel romance

This is where factors like TMI (too much information) need to be considered. If your intention is to print and display your honeymoon photos, there’s certainly no need to capture sexy times on camera. But if your intention is for private sharing between each other, well, a honeymoon is as good a time as any to do this I suppose. Just don’t go disturbing your friends and colleagues by sharing them on Facebook! And be sure you never divorce. Awkward.

The real intention behind this shot is to include some mood photos in your selection. Examples include rose petals on the hotel bed, a celebratory champagne or a romantic candlelit room.

Honeymoon Photo Collage - Honeymoon Suite

4. Breakfast

Because many of us are spoiling ourselves silly on our honeymoon, we tend to look much more decent for breakfast than we would if we were at home.

This photo is to celebrate the beauty that is morning, so ask your wait staff to help you out and capture a photo of you together in front of your beautiful seaside, mountain or Parisian view.

5. Sunset

Nothing screams romance like sunset and, let’s face it, it makes much more sense for honeymooners than getting up for sunrise!

Sure, sunset selfies have their appeal, but sunsets on their own are exquisite. Seeing that sunset in the future will bring back a world of romantic memories.

Honeymoon Photo Collage - Sunset

6. Cocktails

Say cheers! Capture the happy celebrations and moments of indulgence. Cocktails are fancy and colourful, so give plenty of life to a photo. They’re also delicious, so hey – if you don’t get the first shot quite right, keep practicing night after night!

You’re allowed. It’s your honeymoon!

Honeymoon Photo Collage - Couple Drinking Cocktails

7. Adventure

Honeymoons aren’t all about long breakfasts, sunsets and cocktails (although they are a lot about that). They’re also a wonderful opportunity to enjoy fun activities together. So whether it’s bungee jumping, boating or bushwalking, be sure to capture the madness!

8. Underwater

Underwater cameras are a lot of fun. While there are still a few disposable film ones floating around (excuse the pun!), the most recent technology is compact and digital. You can spend a lot and get the premium waterproof adventure camera, the Go Pro, or spend about $100 for one with less functionality but a lot of wow.

So whether you’re splashing around in a resort pool or out on a reef snorkeling or scubadiving, underwater photos are a great addition to the honeymoon collection.

Honeymoon Photo Collage - Couple Underwater

9. Love heart in the sand

Or snow. Or leaves. Not only do these activities bring out each other’s youthful nature, the camera loves them.

Honeymoon Photo Collage - Love Heart In the Sand

10. Holding hands

It’s your honeymoon! Holding hands is something you’ll be doing all the time anyway right? This is a photo you can capture yourselves. You might be walking along the beach, through some markets or enjoying a picnic. Whatever the moment is, take a photo of your hands held tight or doing something cute and creative together.

It’s one of the most loving moments to treasure.

Honeymoon Photo Collage - Holding Hands At Sunset

Upon returning home from your honeymoon, it’s time to hop onto our website, select your favourite photos and create a photo collage of your journey together, never to be forgotten.

Being surrounded by these happy memories may very well help you stay in your honeymoon phase forever!